Featured Oct. 28, 2015
Mature, 104 pages

Xellous and Mijaebah were weary travelers trying to explore an unfamiliar land when they ran into Ailin in a tavern. Ailin offers his help to the pair and it is a good thing he did because they still have a lot to learn starting with the concept of rain and whether it is safe or dangerous.
Mijaebah is currently seeking the homeland of the Lagene people, winged beings able to wield light as a source of destruction. Xellous is a unique female with purple hair and wings made out of feathers. She is trying to escape the fate of the women of her race from Tir who are destined to become pretty dolls, living only for the men in their home, and impressing other people. Also accompanying Ailin, Xellous, and Mijaebah on their journey is a pet Wybie, a big green beast with horns that is also known as a Drakon.
One night, the trio accidentally fall asleep in the Strong Arrow territory and are awaken by a red-haired vixen brandishing a bow and arrow for trespassing.
The art is crisp, vivid, and has very clean animation-like lines. The character designs and costumes are very creative. The full-paged panels look drawn and coloured with digital ink.
Read Entanglement by TenorAnathema, rated M.

Featured Oct. 21, 2015
Everyone, 74 pages

The 2015 annual DD awards, hosted by Niccea and participated in by so many great people. They've worked hard to honour the great work in comics on Drunk Duck of 2015, celebrating the best of the best in terms of dialogue, characters, art, and many other important categories. Please join us in congratulating the winners and you might even discover some treasures in there that you hadn't seen or considered before. The DD awards are the perfect introduction to quality work, not just of the winners and finalists, but also work of the award presenters. So go on over and have a looksee ^_^

Featured Oct. 14, 2015
Teen, 100 pages

Meet Greg, an Asian-American protagonist, and his childhood best friend/roommate Ted. The two experience moving into a new apartment together in a big City and go on a bunch of wacky adventures.
Watch Greg attempt to give a presentation to a group of Chinese businessmen without knowing how to speak Chinese. Laugh at the suspense of Ted (and Greg by association) running away from a woman scorned. Shake your head with judgement as Tedidcules and Gregorius (historical version of Ted and Greg) fall victim to naked Medusa and stay petrified for months.
The art is digitally drawn and coloured. The comic follows a traditional three-paneled comic strip format with some variation on different story arcs.
Read Greg by GregCity, rated T!

Featured Oct. 7, 2015
Teen, 34 pages

Poor, poor prince Aiden needs the assistance of a wizard for his quest, the trouble he finds himself in is that the wizard he needs is an old, crochety, bastard with a terrible cold. This doesn't deter Aiden however, he gets right in there and works to make things better… But this wizard has other ways to mess him up. Wizard along the way is beautifully illustrated and written by Reca. It's all in watercolours and very lush looking in a friendly, colourful, cartoony style. This is a comedy, fantasy adventure.

Featured Sept. 30, 2015
Mature, 25 pages

It is a rare delight when a webcomic looks like it belongs on display in an art gallery. Classic Convulsions is drawn in an abstract style and loosely coloured using inkwash techniques on watercolour paper. It is in its own category of art where the grotesque subject matter of Francisco Goya meets the line work of Aubrey Beardsley.
The story itself is left up to the viewer to decipher like a Rorschach test. Some of the scenes depict movement where a single character is repeated multiple times in various positions. Some scenes show eating; a city burning in a fiery blaze; a man being hurt and the look of anguish on his face; silhouettes of cityscapes; pain and suffering. Each page can tell a standalone story.
Read Classic Convulsions by Growler Comix, rated M.

Featured Sept. 23, 2015
Everyone, 27 pages

Amar the Barbarian mindlessly fights for his life is a barren snowy wasteland against viscous orkish foes, and he LOVES it. The trouble is, he doesn't even know he's caller “Amar” yet, that comes later… Something really big and strange is about to change in his life and nothing will even be the same.
The art here is fully digital, full colour, scratching, sketchy, and full of energy and expression. The story is quite simple so far, it's a scifi, fantasy adventure with minimal dialogue, we're only 20 pages in and just picking up steam! Read BARBARIAN ADVENTURE by DarioCOMICS, rated E.

Featured Sept. 16, 2015
Teen, 57 pages

Welcome to Throviria, a planet inhabited by the descendants of the late human race. This planet still has wars and there was recently an attack between the Rabalians of Rabalja and a neighboring country, Nordalia. There are a select few among the Throvirian population called “elspardirs” that have gained special hidden abilities following the attacks. There are three known elspardirs in the army including the determined Zhane, the bad-tempered Zack, and the young David. Zhane's special ability makes him very fast while allowing him to control the force of wind and he also has an airblade that cuts deeper than any normal sword.
In addition to being caught in a conflicted friendship with Zack and having to mentor David on the importance of being an elspardir, Zhane now has to navigate out of the dreaded “Friend Zone” that his childhood friend and surgeon, Alissa, has placed him.
The majority of the comic art is in black and white with excellent use of gradient tones. The pages are meant to be read from right to left in a traditional manga style.
Read Throviria by Eleoza, rated T.

Featured Sept. 9, 2015
Mature, 54 pages

What would you do if you were plucked from your life by mysterious aliens, stored by them in zero G till you were needed, and then had your face peeled back, bones inserted, your hand skin pulled off, your finger bones stitched together, your skin turned blue, then you're sent to an alien planet filled with people that look like you and forced to work as a spy? That's what's happening here. Who are the mysterious aliens and why are they making this person do these things? This is an action, spy comedy story. The art is rough, energetic, colourful and unique! Read Metamorphosis Protocal, by doorki, rated M.

Featured Sept. 2, 2015
Everyone, 83 pages

Tanya is a daydreamer. She loves sitting outdoors and drawing in her sketchbook. Tanya and her best friend Licorice are both technically natives growing up in a space colony even though she thinks of herself as a Spaceling. However, the two have very dissimilar interests. Tanya likes to talk about technology, old movies, computers, and music. Licorice has a strong affinity to the native culture and has taken time to assimilate by speaking the local language, Sirokka. Tanya and Licorice have recently learned from their mutual friend, Kobei, that a sacrificial offering is needed soon to appease the River Mother.
One day while on a hike, Tanya discovers a small djinka caught in a hunter's trap and names the small male cub Blef. Much to Licorice's disapproval, Tanya decides to take the native animal home with her as a pet. A rare flash of light shaped like a meteor is seen crossing the sky on this particular day. It appears that Tanya's mundane life is about to get more exciting.
Tangled River displays fully-coloured digital art. The character designs are unique and show lots of facial expressions. The colours are muted and use shades of pastel green, yellow green, and violet.
Read Tangled River by snowshadow, rated E!

Featured Aug. 26, 2015
Teen, 45 pages

There's a bit of exposition to get through here, but it's going to be an interesting and fun story so stick with it, ok? Michelle “Mike” Vinson is a Pandora AND a Faust, she accidentally frees some demons and they offer a deal she finds too good to refuse, even after seeing how deals with demons go down a million times before on TV she STILL finds herself tempted, and then life as we know it is completely altered. Re Set is a manga style comic with very pretty full colour digital artwork. The backgrounds are exceptionally lovely. The style genre is supernatural action comedy. The story starts off slow but pics up and it's worth it for the pretty artwork. Read Re Set by azureXtwilight, rated T.

Featured Aug. 19, 2015
Everyone, 148 pages

Cogs and Claws is a surreal odyssey for your imagination. In the opening sequence, a giant flounder emerges from an underwater pod and boards a space shuttle submerged in water. Soon thereafter, the shuttle is blasted into space where it joins several other spacecrafts driven by various anthropomorphic creatures.
This is a visually stunning masterpiece with dreamlike cityscapes and futuristic settings that will satiate the cravings of any science fiction loving reader. The art is predominantly drawn in black and white. Each page showcases highly detailed and intricate line work. The art speaks for as it is paired with absolutely no dialogue this comic prides itself with being a wordless story.
Enjoy space ruled by animals and read Cogs and Claws by cogs and claws, rated E!

Rizmo by Jobo
Featured Aug. 12, 2015
Everyone, 30 pages

Come and join the carnival of spirits, darkness, twilight, magic and weirdness… Rizmo is a devilish, demonic, clownish creature with a surreal world living inside his head. Young Abbey is new in town and doesn't know anyone, but then she meets the crazy carnie who gives her a magic hat, a hat which is a gateway to the world of Rizmo. Rizmo is a delightfully, devilishly, dark yet comedic story. If you like ghosts, weirdness and surreal tail then this will appeal to you! The artwork is all digital, full colour, smooth and very professional looking. Read Jobo, rated E

Featured Aug. 5, 2015
Everyone, 49 pages

In a world set up like the murder mystery board game, Clue, a pair of fine gentlemen dressed to the nines are discussing their evening plans. When the guests begin to arrive, an expected guest shows up in an unexpected manner. Now it is time for all the members of the party to come together and solve the case behind Who is Murdering Miss Scarlet? A freak accident has occurred leaving Miss Scarlet nearly dead. The lack of eye witness accounts at the crime scene has left each guest to deduce the sequence of events and solve the mystery. An angry, rabid German Shepherd, a cute little dog named Hugsley, lurking black crows, and an assembly of eccentric characters all come together to piece together this thriller.
The art is beyond amazing. No seriously, the art will blow you away with its highly detailed line work and brilliantly talented digital colouring skills. It sticks to a limited colour palette of monochromatic greyscale plus the vibrant addition of light orange, orange, and dark orange.
Read Awfully Decent Fellows by IronScarf, Rated E!

Featured July 29, 2015
Teen, 1292 pages

Andrew is having a really rotten day when he gets a visit from some busy-bodies who seem to want to make things even harder for him! One of them looks strangely familiar… Because it's his older self! It turns out Andy died rather earlier than he was supposed to, so to make amends the powers that be have come back in time to make sure young Andy lives up to his true potential and packs in as much life as possible in the short time he has left… and yet he still seems set on blowing it. This is a comedy manga style comic. There are lots and lots of pages to dive into and the style of writing and art improves over the course of the story. It's all done in simple black and white line work. By Kurapika, rated T.

Featured July 22, 2015
Teen, 62 pages

Celest Von Mew is a very bubbly and excitable University student. Typical of college students, she is concerned with her grades in school, making new friends, and her wardrobe reflects a pretty unique sense of style. One day, a mysterious booth appears distributing FREE “Nommie Candy-Chews” which are creamy milk chocolate balls coated in a crispy lime shell with a taste that'll just blow you away! The wrappers of these especially sweet candies have no ingredients listed, they just have the word “ZYGUR” scribbled on the bottom corner.
While at the train station, Celest finds a lost little girl looking for her mother, a busker collecting money for his pizza fund, and a punk rocker with a bad attitude. Celest just needs to catch her train until she discovers the train is filled with ZoMBiEs!? What is the meaning behind this? What is going on in the world?
The art is coloured digitally and updates with full-sized pages!
Read Nommie Zombies 1 by gamerkitty, rated T.

Featured July 15, 2015
Mature, 457 pages

Regarding Dandelions is a graphic novel in the true sense of the phrase! It's the moving and compelling tale of two life long friends and their struggles in adulthood, relationships, adversity and worse. Vibrant red headed Ellie is a lot of fun, but she's not that sure of herself, she lacks confidence. Jake is a good man but maybe he has too much of a soft spot for Ellie? Just what lies between these two? Once you start reading Regarding Dandelions you'll find it hard to stop! This is a well written novel about believable characters in believable situations and you want to know more about them. Regarding Dandelions is a dramatic relationship focussed graphic novel. The art style is stylised realism, hand inked and coloured, in black and white with some orange for Ellie's hair.
Read Regarding Dandelions by Kari McElroy, rated M.

Featured July 8, 2015
Mature, 126 pages

Bad boy Rick and fishnet stocking wearing Ira are back in their old Las Vegas, Nevada, stomping grounds after a bus trip through the Southern United States. There is some trouble brewing in New Orleans, Louisiana, as it is now a city full of zombies, mutants, and religious nut jobs. Rick decides to report the criminal activity he witnessed in NOLA to the security forces out of good conscience.
Ira makes a pit stop at her brother's apartment where he warns her that Rick may be a bad influence on her. Perhaps Ira's brother, Alfred, is correct because the next few scenes involve illegal narcotic drug deals, a shootout in an abandoned warehouse, a mech suit wearing police force, a kidnapping, and a car chase to the desert.
The art looks like it is hand drawn with traditional methods using paper and ink and coloured digitally. The text is hand-lettered All the pages are in full colour.
Read 9th Life by TheJolle Rated M.

Featured July 1, 2015
Teen, 121 pages

Jasomet is a little boy demon. He's been summoned by a Goonies type group of three guys to help rescue a lost girl from a strange cult that think might have kidnapped her. Old timey DDers might remember the name Jasomet… he was born from a relationship in the comic Elijah and Azuu, which used to be one of the most popular comics on DD! Well, this is what happens to Azuu's son some years after. Author Ink Monkey has returned, with his with Tea Green (another old time DD stalwart), to pen this fantastic sequel. It's a demon/heaven/hell supernatural adventure comedy. It's very funny and the art is recognisably in Ink Monkey's trademark style.
Read PreteenDemon by InkMonkey, rated T.

Featured June 24, 2015
Everyone, 23 pages

Four years after the disappearance of his father, Leo, a young boy with celestial dreams an imagination filled with fantasy winds up moving back into the old house that his family had left for the city. The house looks magical from the outside and it also has a mysterious attic that contains several decorative pieces of artifacts. After digging in the attic for a bit, Leo discovers some objects that belonged to his father. There is a character, Jabaru, who acts as a narrator and sends postcards to the reader to give a back story on Leo.
The comic is fully coloured using an assortment of different mediums from hand-drawn line work and watercolour on paper to hand-drawn line work and digital ink.
Get lost in the adventurous land of Leo's attic and read Jabaru by Jabaru, rated E!

Featured June 17, 2015
Teen, 137 pages

While staying in a creepy old abandoned house, young Even meets a very unusual girl called Lilly… Lilly seems to be a ghost. the incident that resulted in their meeting links them together inextricably and will go on to lead to bigger and badder events down the line for both their world and the next, and along the way we'll learn the mystery of Lilly's ghosthood. Featuring very high quality digital colouring, Restless is Manga style, the backgrounds are fantastic! The story is fantasy, mystery, action and ghost. Read Restless by Trico, rated T.

Featured June 10, 2015
Teen, 89 pages

What do you get when you mix a group of youngsters with the intention to do a seance and the dangers of entering a cemetery late at night? Well, I bet you can already predict that things will not turn out pretty.
If you're looking for fun on a horror-filled night, this comic might be the ticket. It has a talking pig that tells scary stories, puppeteering demons, disappearing characters, and the undead. Pig's Cautionary Night Tales: Seance is a stand-alone story as told by a talking pig as a part of a cautionary bedtime story to a young girl.
The comic is drawn completely in digital and is in black and white.
Read Pig's Cautionary Night Tales: Seance by Ryukais_comix, rated T.

Featured June 3, 2015
Teen, 17 pages

Set in a coal town in the UK, 1975, Rag and Bone starts off with a couple of young boys wanting to play soccer. But Bernie has to look after his little sister Jenny and Jenny wants to look at the horsies… Things take a very disturbing and strange turn when they try and retrieve their lost ball from the strange lady in the skimpy robe. Rag and Bone is a delightful magical mystery set in the real world, but slightly askew. The art style digital colour over pencils, with an effect similar to cell animation.
Read Rag and Bone, by Bunnywire, rated T.

Featured May 27, 2015
Teen, 28 pages

Following a late night visitation from a dark form while asleep, a girl is plagued with hallucinations that a black ink-like substance keeps seeping out of her palms. The only problem is that it only happens when she is alone. She finds solace when confessing her strange paranormal phenomenon to her close friend, Terry, who quickly shrugs it off as nonsense spun from her own hypochondria. Moments later, she spots two unfamiliar trench coat-clad wearing strangers waiting around the corner of Terry's neighborhood and notices that they are following her.
What will become of our supernatural ink powered heroine? What happened to Terry? Who were the men waiting around the corner?
The art stays in a yellow-orange/marigold/mustard colour scheme that matches with the page design. The pages are created using a scanner, a Wacom tablet, and photoshop. There are nice examples of silhouette contrasts and free hand perspective used in this comic.
Have sweet dreams and read The Ink by Stellar, rated T!

Featured May 20, 2015
Teen, 119 pages

The Temple at Fifty Fathoms is a bright, freaky, tripped out looking comic by Skreem. True to his unique writing style, the characters are idiosyncratic, very properly, yet comically British, and really quite insane. What as Miss Tiddlseford and Doctor I-Don't-Beleive-You try and prove the poor miss Sorrow innocent of the murder of her zombie sister. If you like the Mighty Boosh, this will definitely appeal to you! Skeem's comics don't stay online for long typically, so come get it while you can!
The Temple at Fifty Fathoms, by Skreem, rated T.

Featured May 13, 2015
Mature, 17 pages

What happens when you put a penguin in a trench coat, a turtle that has not come out of its shell, and a smoking bear with anger management problems in the same room for group therapy? You get Unhinged!
This comic begins with the clashing personalities of Chester Black the penguin who also goes by the alias “John T. Spanker”, Shelly the turtle, and Eddie the bear while they are all seeking psychiatric help from Dr. Shitzbyrd (a psychoanalytic owl in a sweater vest). The three each have their own quirks like one character enjoys murdering blow-up dolls and another one is behind on rent and has to get pressured by his walrus landlord to pay up. This story has attitude, hilariously placed puns, and references to strange cults.
The art is made up of very clean lines and everything is drawn and coloured digitally. The style is pretty fantastic and a professional level of work has been put into this project.
Read Unhinged by Psychobrain, rated M (for strong language and mild violence). Read it NOW!!


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