Featured June 24, 2015
Everyone, 23 pages

Four years after the disappearance of his father, Leo, a young boy with celestial dreams an imagination filled with fantasy winds up moving back into the old house that his family had left for the city. The house looks magical from the outside and it also has a mysterious attic that contains several decorative pieces of artifacts. After digging in the attic for a bit, Leo discovers some objects that belonged to his father. There is a character, Jabaru, who acts as a narrator and sends postcards to the reader to give a back story on Leo.
The comic is fully coloured using an assortment of different mediums from hand-drawn line work and watercolour on paper to hand-drawn line work and digital ink.
Get lost in the adventurous land of Leo's attic and read Jabaru by Jabaru, rated E!

Featured June 17, 2015
Teen, 137 pages

While staying in a creepy old abandoned house, young Even meets a very unusual girl called Lilly… Lilly seems to be a ghost. the incident that resulted in their meeting links them together inextricably and will go on to lead to bigger and badder events down the line for both their world and the next, and along the way we'll learn the mystery of Lilly's ghosthood. Featuring very high quality digital colouring, Restless is Manga style, the backgrounds are fantastic! The story is fantasy, mystery, action and ghost. Read Restless by Trico, rated T.

Featured June 10, 2015
Teen, 89 pages

What do you get when you mix a group of youngsters with the intention to do a seance and the dangers of entering a cemetery late at night? Well, I bet you can already predict that things will not turn out pretty.
If you're looking for fun on a horror-filled night, this comic might be the ticket. It has a talking pig that tells scary stories, puppeteering demons, disappearing characters, and the undead. Pig's Cautionary Night Tales: Seance is a stand-alone story as told by a talking pig as a part of a cautionary bedtime story to a young girl.
The comic is drawn completely in digital and is in black and white.
Read Pig's Cautionary Night Tales: Seance by Ryukais_comix, rated T.

Featured June 3, 2015
Teen, 17 pages

Set in a coal town in the UK, 1975, Rag and Bone starts off with a couple of young boys wanting to play soccer. But Bernie has to look after his little sister Jenny and Jenny wants to look at the horsies… Things take a very disturbing and strange turn when they try and retrieve their lost ball from the strange lady in the skimpy robe. Rag and Bone is a delightful magical mystery set in the real world, but slightly askew. The art style digital colour over pencils, with an effect similar to cell animation.
Read Rag and Bone, by Bunnywire, rated T.

Featured May 27, 2015
Teen, 28 pages

Following a late night visitation from a dark form while asleep, a girl is plagued with hallucinations that a black ink-like substance keeps seeping out of her palms. The only problem is that it only happens when she is alone. She finds solace when confessing her strange paranormal phenomenon to her close friend, Terry, who quickly shrugs it off as nonsense spun from her own hypochondria. Moments later, she spots two unfamiliar trench coat-clad wearing strangers waiting around the corner of Terry's neighborhood and notices that they are following her.
What will become of our supernatural ink powered heroine? What happened to Terry? Who were the men waiting around the corner?
The art stays in a yellow-orange/marigold/mustard colour scheme that matches with the page design. The pages are created using a scanner, a Wacom tablet, and photoshop. There are nice examples of silhouette contrasts and free hand perspective used in this comic.
Have sweet dreams and read The Ink by Stellar, rated T!

Featured May 20, 2015
Teen, 119 pages

The Temple at Fifty Fathoms is a bright, freaky, tripped out looking comic by Skreem. True to his unique writing style, the characters are idiosyncratic, very properly, yet comically British, and really quite insane. What as Miss Tiddlseford and Doctor I-Don't-Beleive-You try and prove the poor miss Sorrow innocent of the murder of her zombie sister. If you like the Mighty Boosh, this will definitely appeal to you! Skeem's comics don't stay online for long typically, so come get it while you can!
The Temple at Fifty Fathoms, by Skreem, rated T.

Featured May 13, 2015
Mature, 17 pages

What happens when you put a penguin in a trench coat, a turtle that has not come out of its shell, and a smoking bear with anger management problems in the same room for group therapy? You get Unhinged!
This comic begins with the clashing personalities of Chester Black the penguin who also goes by the alias “John T. Spanker”, Shelly the turtle, and Eddie the bear while they are all seeking psychiatric help from Dr. Shitzbyrd (a psychoanalytic owl in a sweater vest). The three each have their own quirks like one character enjoys murdering blow-up dolls and another one is behind on rent and has to get pressured by his walrus landlord to pay up. This story has attitude, hilariously placed puns, and references to strange cults.
The art is made up of very clean lines and everything is drawn and coloured digitally. The style is pretty fantastic and a professional level of work has been put into this project.
Read Unhinged by Psychobrain, rated M (for strong language and mild violence). Read it NOW!!

Featured May 6, 2015
Everyone, 92 pages

In a little, out of the way, medieval hamlet known only for its gryohon legends, lives a young lad who hasn't had much luck in life so far, but an opportunity arises that just might change things for the better! If only he can get a real gryphon feather… but it's not going to be easy, oh no. Gryphon Rise is an action adventure fantasy story, with a good dose of humour. The art is full colour and all digital. This is a fun comic with a lot of recent updates!
By Reca, rated E

Featured April 29, 2015
Teen, 21 pages

We Made a Comic is centered around the personified yams, Allen and Scott. The premise follows the formula for gag-a-day comic strips about two couch potatoes sitting around making video game reference jokes, only this comic stars actual tubers. There are great modern references scattered in this comic like Five Nights at Freddies, Dungeons and Dragons, Mario Brothers, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Comcast, Shadowrun Hong Kong, and anime among many others.
The art is digital and crisp and drawn using a Wacom tablet. All the comic strips are in full color and there are some daring uses of silhouettes and colour combinations. This is a collaborative comic project between the creative duo, Spencer and Jim.
Read We Made a Comic by Spencinator, rated T!

Featured April 15, 2015
Mature, 147 pages

Splitsville. Plastic lawn flamingo. Silence. Alone. Ginormous ants.
Our main character lives alone in a dark, empty house. He goes about his daily tasks that involve reading the mail in an abandoned park and walking to the grocery store and leaving without paying. He watches DVD movies by himself until he passes out on the sofa. His only company is a plastic flamingo on his lawn as he's drinking through cans of beer. Have I also mentioned that there is a huge crack in the ground around his neighborhood for an unexplained reason?
Once a month he ventures to the top of a cliff to talk to another grumpy loner named Clint who resides on the opposite side of the deep ravine that separates the two land masses. It turns out that Clint only has a taco truck as a food source and a radio for entertainment. The main character has an entire grocery store filled with entertainment and food for days. The city is currently being invaded by dreadfully large ants that are keeping the men from finding an escape route. Clint is entirely in monochromatic grayscale.
Read Clint by 1rd2th3st! Rated M

Featured April 8, 2015
Everyone, 197 pages

Sentiments is a very funny newspaper style comic strip written in both Chinese and English. Two modern city girls and a cat give us their accurate and pithy observations on every day American life. The art is heavily stylised, honed, and simplified into a classic newspaper style, all drawn in black and white. The writing is humorous and mostly dead on target, although sometimes the syntax doesn't make the journey from Chinese to English completely intact. Read Sentiments by Yiu, rated E.

Featured April 1, 2015
Everyone, 27 pages

The story behind Mechanaflux starts out in the present day on Earth with three urban city kids living: Arad, Cory, and Jackson who are all members of the same soccer team even though they come from very different households and upbringings. It appears to be a regular day after practice when suddenly the sky transforms into an image that reflects the same green heart pattern of a pendant belongs to a mutual acquaintance, Father Reese.
There is a separate world in this story called Flux that is caught in between the Middle Ages and the Distant Future. Here we meet Maria, a young girl, who is ready to embark on her first mission. The land of Flux is filled with old vessels of Mecheers that used to roam the land. There is an ominous darkness lurking in the shadows of Metal City that seems to be upset with the current state of things.
The comic is produced by scarletspider, co-creators Shawn is the writer and Ava creates the Art. All the pages may be hand-drawn traditionally and then coloured digitally.
Read Mechanaflux by scarletspider, rated E!

Featured March 25, 2015
Everyone, 72 pages

A Reasonable Case is Alschroeder's interestingly constructed argument for the possibility of a higher power, all done in a visual, comic book form. He takes you on a ride through history, science and philosophy and teaches you a lot of new things on the way! Even if you disagree with what the comic is trying to say, you'll still come away a little wiser because of the clever was Alschoeder hos illustrated his case. The art is fairly basic but does the job, drawn with pencil, coloured digitally. The story is an informative essay that takes the form of a monologue. By Alschroeder, rated E

Featured March 18, 2015
Everyone, 37 pages

Set in a surreal world that is very different (or similar) to the planet we live on, this story examines the adventures of an unpredictable pair of a Rooster that needs anger management classes and a talkative reptile with nervous energy. The Rooster and Reptile set out on a journey where they meet other strange personalities such as a grumpy termite and have to guard themselves against Ptera birds. This comic demonstrates how it feels to be caught in the middle of a waking dream.
Psycho Babble is a collaboration comic that is created by Milk. The art is style top notch and unique with a muted colour palette that complement each other nicely. All pages are coloured digitally.
Escape into a world of wondrous whimsy and read Psycho Babble by MilkArt, rated E.

Featured March 11, 2015
Everyone, 1898 pages

Grin N Spirit is more than a pun on grin and spit! Indeed, it's a very long, on-going story comic, about ghosts, ghost hunters, aliens, and all manner of mythological monsters. There's drama, humour, and action aplenty when these guys mix it up a little and go after some malignant spirits. Grin N Spirit is a great inside take on what it means to be a paranormal investigator.
The art is mainly digital now and it's in a very individual style. The writing style is action comedy. There are plenty of pages to go through so get to it! Read Grin N Spirit by Ghostrunner, rated E.

Featured March 4, 2015
Everyone, 42 pages

The Adventures of Ty stars a tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex tyke with an unquenched thirst for curiosity and an obsession with meat products. Ty lives among his human parents (who he refers to as “Mom” and “Dad”) and is always dressing up in different costumes and acting out his own imaginary adventures around the house. It is the perfect comic story for anyone who loves the idea of owning a baby Tyrannosaurus that can live among humans.
The comic is created using hand-drawn line work using a pencil or pen and then it is scanned in to be coloured digitally.
Read the Adventures of Ty by jedi34567 on The Duck, rated E.

Featured Feb. 25, 2015
Mature, 136 pages

Working in Ahiti cafe probably wasn't Haven's dream occupation, but she loves it anyway. She just sort of fell into it after collage and has been stuck there ever since. Her daily routine is a joy. But then along comes Sophie… stroppy, sulky, surly Sophie. She turns haven's life of heaven into hell. Just what exactly is behind all that aggression?
Sweets and Giggles is a comedy graphic novel about interesting unusual people and a very interesting relationship, with lesbian/gay/trans themes. The story and plotting are great! There's a well written arc that does a good job of engaging you emotionally. The art varies a lot and has seen much experimentation in style and colour, but it's seems to be slowly crystallising into something stable. There's stylised reality, digital colour, black and white, sepia and texture. By Udyr, rated M.

Featured Feb. 18, 2015
Teen, 116 pages

Steel and Manitou tells a tale of the legendary Gtchi Manitou, a Great Spirit, embodied by a white horse with a feather in its mane. The stories are inspired by the Nêhiyawak (Plains Cree) Aboriginal legends from Saskatchewan, Canada. This tale begins when a young orphaned girl, Kassidy Kerr, finds herself in an audience for a traveling troupe of two Nêhiyawak stage performers, led by Vox, a story teller. Young Kassidy gets inspired by the tales and now has to listen to her Gtchi Manitou. A secret stowaway, cold desert nights, and a covered wagon. Kassidy Kerr is now seven years older and the story is just getting started!
The art style is very charming and the colour palette gravitates toward the reddish-orange side of the spectrum in the daytime scenes, so I am reminded of sunsets in the Old West. All the colours are filled in digitally.
If you are interested in plants, animals, humans, Gods, Ghosts, and Ghouls or just want to hear the tale of how the Buffalo gained its hump, read Steel and Manitou by ashtree house, rated T.

Featured Feb. 11, 2015
Mature, 61 pages

In the cold whiteness of Northern Alberta in the great winter nation of Canada there's a little girl who has a bad dream about a big blue man pierced with harpoons… in her town there's skulduggery, murder, blood on the snow. This is a fascinating cinematic comic! It's a very unusual story premise but it only gets better and better the more you read as the suspense builds and the story expands. The art is full colour, stylised realism, and the story is a Scifi action graphic novel. I highly recommend it. By Skweeee, rated M.

Featured Feb. 4, 2015
Teen, 22 pages

What happens when a large anthropomorphic orange Rakasta (cat-tiger) rows up to the shore one day in a bowl-shaped boat? The only answer that question is: An adventure! Spike is a fun-loving, easily pleased feline with a penchant for getting caught in gillnets. The minute he arrives in town, he is approached by several humans who want to do business with a giant cat. What will become of this rambunctious Rakasta once the journey begins?
The pages are coloured using traditional paint media such as watercolour and India ink.
Read Onward by Mina_Lunga rated T.

Featured Jan. 28, 2015
Everyone, 47 pages

Can you eat 50 eggs? Can anybody? Well, actually, pretty much everyone can unless they're allergic or can't afford them, but can you do it all in one session? Hmm? …well if they're ant eggs or caviar maybe… Nononono, you just don't get it do you? 50 hard boiled eggs in one go! Only Cool Hand Luke can do that, and only Mulletturtle can produce such a wonderfully artistic and funny comic with that title! Just look at the art, you'll love it. Just read it, you'll laugh, especially at the artist character, he's my fave. With great, colourful digital art in a few different styles, this is a non-sequitur gag comic. Read NOBODY CAN EAT FIFTY EGGS, by mulletturtle, rated E.

Featured Jan. 7, 2015
Mature, 25 pages

This is a dark story about the secret life of Doctor Michael Jones. Real dark. It explores the twisted mind of a hospital worker turned serial killer and his unorthodox therapist who shows little concern after hearing Jones' incriminating confession. Wicked Games examines the fine line between euthanasia in hospitals and cold-blooded murder.
The art style is colored with digital ink. Some of the comic panels use a unique texture filter that give off the impression of a camera recording.
If you enjoy tales depicting the dark underbelly of humanity, read Wicked Games by vladimirmasters rated Mature (for strong language and violence).

Featured Dec. 31, 2014
Teen, 183 pages

War has wiped out the human race from the world, all that's left are the MOs; genetically engineered human animal hybrid super-soldiers. They're specially adapted to survive and forage on their own, making them the perfect creatures to inherit the earth from their human predecessors. Devil Spy is the youngest of the bunch, a half blind, part dog little blonde lad with an obsession for comics and a boundless curiosity for the world. This is a graphic novel story comic. It has a little action, a little drama, and a hint of post apocalyptic SciFi. The art is bright, colourful, and very pleasant to look at! Read Devil Spy by Jaymzeecat, rated T+.

Featured Dec. 24, 2014
Mature, 110 pages

Casinos, nightlife, sequined gowns, Panama hats and fancy suits. Rowena has her green dress on, her clover barrette, and is ready to be a good luck charm once again. Lady Unlucky is the newest incarnation of the webcomic “The Many Misfortunes of Lady Luck” by Whirlwynd. Although Lady Unlucky shares some of the same characters from “The Many Misfortunes of Lady Luck”, Whirlwynd mentions that the first chapter is a lot different than the last version, so most of the 2014 version is new to everyone. This comic showcases fully colored pages with digital ink that Whirlwynd promises to update with the very best work!
Read Lady Unlucky by Whirlwynd, Rated M.

Featured Dec. 17, 2014
Teen, 320 pages

Will is very, very ordinary guy, stuck in a job he hate with a boss who's a real dick… well, his life is about to get just a little bit worse. There are inter-dimensional ghost aliens, gigantic cockroaches, and all sorts of horrible alien creatures on the prowl and it looks like poor old Will is going to find himself stuck in the middle of it. The art is all solid black and white, nicely stylised in this graphic novel comic, the fights scenes especially are drawn and choreographed very well! The story style is humorous, modern day lovecraftian.
Read Journey Man by Willgun, rated T+.


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