Featured Oct. 22, 2014
Mature, 767 pages

YOUR CHOICE… by VinoMas is an acquisitive pop-culture postmodern webcomic comedy soap opera! Featuring collage art, magazine images, photos of TV screens, and drawing in all sorts of media, this unusual comic follows the melodramatic adventures of an unlikely cast of characters, chief among them is the evil Princess January in her Disney Princess outfits which are all designed by the amazingly talented Cake Like Lady Gaga. This nasty aristocratic vampire even has her own sex slave ring! The most interesting aspect of YOUR CHOICE… is that the direction the story takes and even some of the characters are all decided upon by the audience through a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/531051400251312/

Read YOUR CHOICE… by VinoMas, rated M.

Featured Oct. 8, 2014
Everyone, 329 pages

Fancy a bit of a laugh? Something to take you away for a moment from all the cares and crises of the world? Well then check out the Gimblians! It's a newspaper style 3 panel comic strip about a funny little group of surprisingly large nosed people and their daily trails and tribulations, sitcom style. There's a princess, a knight, a wizard, a mum, some kids and a bunch of silly situations to test their patience and make you smile.
This comic strip has been going for a few years now so there is a healthy archive to make your way through. Early strips start off as black and white, later on it gets a healthy dose of digital colour. This is a nice little family-safe humour comic that's produced to quite a high standard.
Read The Gimblians, by mattgasser, rated E.

Featured Sept. 24, 2014
Everyone, 74 pages

The 8th Annual Drunk Duck Awards are here and EVERYONE is invited!
After months of planning by Niccea and the awards committee, the awards have made a strong come back in 2014 thanks to help from the community. The winners are currently being announced, so see your favorites get recognized and participate in the greatest community organized event on the site.
Sit back, enjoy the show, and visit the Drunk Duck Awards 2014 by Niccea rated E.

Featured Sept. 17, 2014
Everyone, 92 pages

Canada. Coca-Cola. Dinosaurs. Family road trip. Poutine.
Hello, Albertosaurus is a combination of all things great and awesome. It is based in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, in a world very similar, yet very different from our own. Our green-haired narrator and narrator's sister, Jepi, are prepared to set forth on a road trip adventure with their father. Fueled up on soda pop with a cooler packed to the brim with Coke, this fearless trio is ready to confront anything that might come their way…even if that means a towering Albertosaurus hot on their trail.
The art style has that very professional, colored with copic marker or watercolor paint look to it, but it can still be completely digital. The characters faces are so full of expressions. The friendly art style is reminiscent of cute letter stationary. The character designs are full of whimsy with simple black lines for all the arms and legs. The story is still in its early stages, but this is definitely a story that is worth reading from the beginning.
Read Hello, Albertosaurus by gurukitty, rated E!

Featured Sept. 10, 2014
Mature, 963 pages

Poor Jinn has woken into a world of which she knows nothing, not even herself, not even her name or her own nature! Trapped by priests of the order of Adam and tortured naked in a cage, she longs for revenge and escape… And that's just what happens! What will Jinn the vampire girl do once she's loosed upon the world? What of the savage priests of Adam? What of her sexy succubus saviour?
Blood bound is a dark, sexy, gothic vampire action drama story. The art is 3D rendered with cell shading. The predominant colours are black, grey, white and red- very well suited to the subject matter! -Warning: some boobs.
Read Blood Bound, by Anubis, rated M.

Featured Sept. 3, 2014
Mature, 191 pages

From the same creator who brought you Character Development, comes an endearing new story about real life as it happens. All Unicorns to Battle Stations is a personal autobiographical comic from the first person point-of-view of David “Gunwallace” Tulloch. It pulls back the curtain and gives us a peek into marriage, raising children, and the art of conversation.There are many instances in the comic that showcase the hysterical antics of children saying exactly what is on their mind, accompanied by figurative ideas drawn as literal interpretations. Additionally, there are post-dinner talks, random one-panel comics in between breaks, and Madison Todd: An Agent of God, used to poke fun at aspects of religion. Some of the conversations are so realistic that there is an honest, human like quality of this body of work that it feels as if we are eavesdropping on an intimate conversation between two adults.All the art in this comic uses digital ink and it fluctuates between colour and grey scale. The art style channels the 1950s Pop Art Movement with its clean lines while retaining realistic features for individual characters. Gunwallace is a writer by trade and a family man by heart and it shows in this comic.
Read All Unicorns to Battle Stations by Gunwallace, rated Mature!

Featured Aug. 27, 2014
Everyone, 20 pages

The Knight Watchman is a delightfully retro styled superhero comic! Take a blast back to the days of the old style superheroes of the 1950s, where good guys really are good and they look after young male wards who're scrappy fighters with hearts of gold. In this caper the Knight Watchman must face off against a mad bomber cook who has it in for a nasty old food critic.
The style her is an action superhero story in a classic newspaper style 3 panel strip. It's drawn with pen and ink and then digitally coloured with bright, primary, non-shaded tones (mostly), just like old style cheap magazine comics. This story is a real romp!
Read The Knight Watchman in The Crime Cook, by bigbangcomics, rated E.

Featured Aug. 20, 2014
Mature, 472 pages

Flash forward to the year 2046.The future looks dismal in the bleak aftermath of the “End of the World”. Our main character and hooded-sweatshirt hero, Benjamin, was born after the Earth took a nose dive and now he is left to look after himself and defend complete strangers from the mutants that lurk the planet. But this is exactly how he meets up with the ponytail sporting and seemingly anxious, Jeff. After returning back to the survival compound, they report to Anne, a very nice girl who happens to be Benjamin's childhood friend. She sends them on a quest along with a creepy stranger dressed as a plague doctor. Will Benjamin, Jeff, and the Plague Doctor be successful in making it to Fort Haven in their search to collect nonsense items?
This comic is drawn with a variety of digital mediums from a digital tablet to hand drawn sketches traced over with a mouse! The majority of the comic is in black and white, but there are also full digitally colored pages thrown into the mix. If you enjoy the Scott Pilgrim comic book series, you might enjoy the art style because it shares some artistic similarities.
Prepare to read Wastelanders Anonymous by Seabiscuit before the apocalypse, rated M!

Featured Aug. 13, 2014
Teen, 374 pages

Otto is a pretty fantastic engineer, he's the best of the best; highly paid at his company, a very innovative thinker, generous, and humble. Set in 1985, this version of reality is a little different from what we know today… in the distant past a mighty robot being crashed to earth, since then the path history took in this world diverged from our own. Advanced robots are commonplace and so are other aspects of future technology, although it's still 1985 at this time and Otto doesn't even own a TV let alone a VCR! However, Otto is on the verge of a massive breakthrough in robot technology that has the potential to change the world…
Jupiter is a scifi story comic. It moves a steady, measured pace, there's not much text initially but most of the story is well told though images. The art is beautifully digitally coloured in a luminous fashion.
Read Jupiter, by Zimeta, rated T.

Featured Aug. 6, 2014
Everyone, 76 pages

This fantastically cute comic is about natural survival, making friends with food, and the importance of having to feed a family.
Not enough food in the pantry? That is the dilemma that Mother Dinnersaurus is faced with when breakfast for dinner is no longer satisfactory for her growing children. She is about to set out on a hunting and gathering mission as she tries to bring home a filling meal for her two hungry tykes. Now that the mother's away, the tiny dinos are sure to play (or hunt for their own food).
What do you need to do when your next meal is on the run? A young dinosaur and its sibling could not be any different! One dino is empathetic towards the prey, the other is hangry (hungry+angry) and does not mind feasting on rabbit stew at any cost.
Dinnersaurus Rex showcases full digitally colored pages.The suspense in this story will have you gripping the edge of your chair, laughing, and crying.
Fall in love with the cute dino and read Dinnersaurus Rex by bemirry, rated E!

Featured July 30, 2014
Teen, 33 pages

In this comical retelling of “the Fall of Man” god is a bit of a bastard… well, we already knew that pretty much but not in quite such an entertaining fashion as this! Most of us know the story already so that adds spice to the retelling in this interpretation. I laughed out loud a couple of times! Watch as god creates the world, parties hard with the animals and then bombs out for the rest of the day… he's really got his priorities straight. This is a humour comic strip. It's drawn with pen and then digitally coloured. The style is very cartoony and stylised to enhance the silliness of the strip. I hope you enjoy the fall of god as much as I did!
by Renee Katz, rated T.

Featured July 16, 2014
Everyone, 94 pages

A mechanical robot is only as smart as its creator. Mechaniko was assembled out of steel and electronics in Dr. Reverse's lab by the beautiful Professor Susan Cinquefoil. He is ready to be unveiled for the first time as the protector-knight in shining alloy that he was meant to be. The whole town has turned up for this special occasion including the lovestruck investor, Mr. Greenwattle, and the seemingly villainous character, Colonel Steelsquint. There is only one problem–Mechaniko comes with some mechanical difficulties. This story has a touch of romance, a bunch of comedic situations, and is a sure hit for anyone who loves those post-Sputnik, giant mechanical robot stories from the late 1950s.
The first two books are crisp and in full digital color. The current arc is drawn and colored in grayscale.
Read Mechaniko by Yves Ker Ambrun, rated E!

Featured July 2, 2014
Teen, 83 pages

Sky pirates! Fierce sword fights! Storms! Vendettas! A beautiful heroine! A Dashing Hero! An evil captain! The Legend of Briva has all of that and more actually. This is the story of a young aristocrat, keen to avenge the terrible wrong that was done to her and her family. She's suffered away for 10 years in the dark, NOW is the time when people are going to get some payback. At least that's what she plans…
This is a fantasy adventure story with some great action scenes. The story moves quickly and the art is bold, bright, solid, digital, full colour, and very well done. Please enjoy The Legend of Briva by SillyHippo, rated T.

Featured June 25, 2014
Mature, 69 pages

A strong female huntress, Saphyr is no stranger to fighting insect/cephalopod-like beasts in the forest. She has just encountered a male outsider who does not speak her language. What on earth is he saying? Can she trust him? Her grandfather, and wise elder believes they can. The Cull is a fantasy with no shortage of women with body art, partially shaved hairstyles, and piercings.
This comic looks like it is drawn using traditional methods like pencil, inking, and then enhanced digitally. It is entirely in grayscale. The skilled linework is brilliant and reminiscent of the 18th century etchings of Goya and modern lithographs.
Discover The Cull by Singring, Rated M.

Featured June 18, 2014
Teen, 27 pages

A destitute young girl is forced to work as a lowly drudge underneath a castle. The people of the castle are hard taskmasters. There she suffers indignities and exhaustion, until something finally breaks… and she resolves to set out on her own.
This is a dramatic fantasy adventure. The writing is minimal but it does its job, setting the scene and the tone well. The art seems to be all digital, the colour certainly is anyway. It's drawn in an interesting style, sometimes very rough, but curiously reminiscent of the style of storytelling drawings from medieval Europe, which also somewhat matches the setting of the story, and this is why it caught my eye: A medieval tale come to life!
Read Seoladan, by Cath, rated T.

Featured June 11, 2014
Everyone, 130 pages

Grumpy Bear lives by a very set schedule and his daily routine consists of eating his Fun Bran cereal, bathing, picking out his favourite bow tie and bowler hat accessory, and driving around in his vintage car. All of that is drastically going to change when the seemingly innocent Mr. Goose lands on his doorstep and joins him on his Tuesday adventure to an art museum. Now Grumpy Bear's calm and collected life is about to become a chaotic battlefield.
This highly imaginative and charming comic is entirely handdrawn, hand-lettered, and colored using marker ink.
The Adventures of Grumpy Bear and Mr. Goose is lovingly crafted by TheGrump, Rated E. Read it today!

Featured June 4, 2014
Mature, 58 pages

The wastes are a hard place to survive in, it's a dog eat dog world out there. Lives are nasty, brutal and short. A Pair of wanderers fight for their existence in this place and along the way they pick up a young lad.
Athena Sculpture has amazing artwork, highly detailed pen and ink work with digital colour by a very skilled artist. The text portion of the comic is minimal, even the pages often only consist of a single panel; the artist is very skilled at being able to convey a lot of story with very little. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out!
Please enjoy ATHENA SCULPTURE, by DK Lombardi, rated M.

Featured April 30, 2014
Everyone, 40 pages

Move over 19th century, Dracula has awakened from his slumber and he is back and cooler than ever! The world has changed drastically from what he remembers and now he needs to compete with popular modern vampires who are able to walk outside with their dazzling diamond skin, perfect hair, and trendy fashion sense. Drake is about to learn how to dress to impress and fit in with the cool cats (and bats) with the help of an old school television set and his silent skeleton sidekick. Will Drake be successful on his quest to fit in with contemporary culture?
The art has full digitally colored pages with very clean lines. The style is reminiscent of an animated cartoon with hilarious mannerisms and dynamic expressions.
Read Drake the Cool Vampire, by lordbryceman, rated E!

Featured April 23, 2014
Everyone, 113 pages

Bucky O'Neill is a young chap growing up in the 1980s, He lives for videogames, Micro-machines, Transformers, and Saturday morning cartoons! But life isn't all sweetness and roses… his parents have just got a divorce, there's a bully at school and his teachers suck! This is an entertaining semi-auotbiographical but the creator of the amazingly entertaining Dungeonhordes. There's drama here, action, and snails! The art is pro, stylised, in solid black and white.
Please enjoy The Chronicles of Bucky O'Neil by Dragongrinder, rated E!

Featured April 16, 2014
Mature, 61 pages

The next exit on your right is Stainless City where ordinary people live in a fantastical world. This is a place where superheroes and supervillains actually grow old past their prime and die. In fact, the death of a superhero is the major plot point in the story. In an unfortunate twist of fate during an altercation, the costumed hero, Sappho, has just been made victim of a fatal accident. Suspiciously, the only witness at the scene was her nemesis, Chop Suey. The case is now being investigated by every law enforcement agency in town, as expected during the death of a celebrity.

This comic is done in a traditional style with mixed media on watercolor paper. The art is created using a black ink pen on top of watercolour paint, then assembled with photoshop. Some parts are a comic within a comic that are in sepia tones to distinguish it from the regular story.

Watch this exciting story unfold and read Capefall by Panman, rated M.

Featured April 9, 2014
Mature, 24 pages

Ghost Operators is about an elite military assault team who're on a dangerous mission… Ghost Operators and gets launches you into the action right away, you're right in the thick of it, wondering what will happen next and waiting for more! There's fantastic attention to detail in the way the team operates as well as the scenery, uniforms and equipment. The art is fully digital and painted in a “flat” style with no gradients or graduated shading. The colour palette is well chosen for great looking images. Please enjoy Ghost Operators by JoeL_CQB, rated M!

Featured April 2, 2014
Everyone, 19 pages

Life was just starting to fall into place for Jensen Wade until an unexpected meeting with his boss sends his life spiraling into a free fall. Now he might need to go back to waiting tables to afford his lifestyle, loft apartment payments, and Natalie, his live-in girlfriend. To add insult to injury, the doctor's office left a message and the blood work results are in. Jensen is about to find out what it means to live more in less time.
Civilian is a Pulp Era inspired genre. It is a collaboration comic created and written by Dustin Parker with art illustrations drawn by Alberto Muriel. It is solidly in black and white with very crisp linework.
Read Civilian by Encicra, on The Duck, Rated E!

Featured March 26, 2014
Teen, 26 pages

Beginning as a type of 24 hour comic project by creator Ryjia, Ad Humanae is gradually growing into a more developed, interesting story, especially as we learn more about the main character Casey. Casey works for an organisation that keeps the peace between different monster races and humans. He's a kind hearted but lonely fellow who may or may not have a developing and not entirely healthy relationship with a demon. We begin the story with the mystery of just who is siring the rouge young vampires… The art is all digital, with bold brush strokes and interesting grainy textures, with a bluish-grey watercolour wash tone. The story is a fantasy drama set in the modern day.
The first chapter has just been completed, there will be a bit of a wait for the next one, so why not check out Ryia's other comic http://theduckwebcomics.com/Tom_and_Drake/ and help here work out what happens next by voting!
Read Ad Humanae, by Ryjia, rated T!

Featured March 19, 2014
Teen, 28 pages

Nikolan, Axe, and Eight VIII are three hip, technologically savvy, combat-boot wearing heroes who battle against monsters during an ancient, forgotten time. Niko and Axe spend their morning bickering while on a stakeout until the dreaded Dinosaurus Rex joins the party. Now it is up to the fearsome trio to live up to their expectations and take a bite out of the D.Rex before it bites back.
The art in Scratch Proof is masterfully executed. The full-color pages appear to be drawn and inked by hand and then colored digitally. It is a must read for a fan of girls with pointy ears, military equipment, and dinosaurs.
Read Scratch Proof by heropill, on TheDuck, rated Teen.

Featured March 12, 2014
Teen, 528 pages

Lucinda Is a highschool girl with a demon living in her eye. Most of the people living in her house are all pretty unusual in that regard; dog and fox demons, an elf, a ghost… They're quite a motley bunch! Lots of funny ad crazy stuff happens to these guys, as you'd expect.
Cramberries has been going for quite a while now and there are many, many pages to the archive. It's a great example of a comic that has shown great improvement over the years! In many of the early chapters the art style is quite rough and the text unreadable at times, so the contrast with the more recent chapters is quite striking. Cramberries is now a digital art, colour comic with interestingly stylised characters. The story is a supernatural drama comedy.
By KitKatMuffin, rated T.


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