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Comic Talk and General Discussion

Step in and chat. Vent. Rant. Talk about anything you want that doesn't belong in the other forums… You know you want to. Better yet: WE want you to!


Tips and Tricks/Support

This is sort of a “Best-Of” sub-forum! Here you'll find some great threads discussing how to advertise and manage your comic, some reference art threads, and a space to offer suggestions for the site. You will also find the GRAND LIST OF BUGS, which you should check out first if you're having any issues with the site.



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Networking & Community Projects

Check out the DD FASHION PARADE currently going on!
Call Me Tom's 54 CARD PICK UP is currently in progress!

Artists looking for writers. Writers looking for artists. Singles looking for singles. Cat looking for catnip. Community projects like jams and fusions can also be found here so hook up!


Meet, Greet, Show and Sell

Introduce yourself and promote your work here!
Got something to share? Want to check out what other people are up to? This is the place! You may also now use this thread to promote comics or merchandise that you have for sale!



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Debate and Discussion

Have you a serious, pressing issue in your mind? Need to get something serious off your chest? Then come on in! Just remember to be respectful.
-And serious!
Joke debates go in the Random forum.


Comic Talk, Tips and Tricks

Want to discuss some comic techniques? Get some advice? Talk about your favorite comics?
(If you want technical support for the site, try the Help forum!)
Note: This is not the place to promote your own comic! To introduce yourself or your comic post in Meet, Greet, Show and Tell.


Media Megaforum

All your media discussion needs! Books, movies, TV, videogames, art….


Help, Support and Suggestions

Before posting here, please check the GRAND LIST OF BUGS AND WORKAROUNDS - odds are your problem already has a known solution! For more general issues, check out the DRUNK DUCK HELP SITE.


The Marketplace

Making money with webcomics! What have you got on offer? A web store for merch or printed books? Offering commissions? Adspace? Something else?
This forum is for promotion ONLY and should not be used to conduct sales!


Forum Games

Forum Games go here because sometimes they are just too annoying NOT to have their own sub-forum.


Drunk Duck Awards

The forum for organizing, managing, talking about, etc. the user-run DD Awards!
The 2014 awards are now underway. Check inside for information about the For Your Consideration plot.



This is where the Drunk Duck interviews live. If you want to give/receive an interview, you can join a round of the Quack With the Ducks community project to be paired up, or arrange one on your own!


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