1247. Erin's Movie 10: Caman

Sameth on Aug. 18, 2014

So, I drew this on Wednesday and Thursday since I was at a convention this past weekend, but I had to stop and save the shading for when I got home on Sunday night, dead tired. The reason being that I had not worked on Friday's Jix. By the time I got Jix done, it was past time for me to get to bed so I could get up Friday for the conevention.
So…for some reason, I keep imagining Matt with Seth Rogen's voice. Either him or Chris Pratt. The latter would be fitting if Erin was played by Aubrey Plaza, which is one of the actresses I imagine for Erin.
Oh, and “Caman” is based on a famous dragon. I took his color scheme from one form of this famous dragon and the face shape (redone in my dragon style) from the dragon's other form. I'm not saying who it is because I wanted him to be inspired by him, but not a direct copy.
You know…I think this is the first time I've ever shown Erin speaking to Tibis.