wings of rask, page 197

kalliikak on Nov. 15, 2012

I think I'll give this one more shot.  Even if I can only manage one.
panel. at. a. time.  I've been putting this off for a long while…
seems like every time I've tried, something has happened to pull me away
for just long enough that my mind would wander to other things. eliada
isn't really the story I want to tell anymore.  There are so many other
characters… and there is Ilishuda, a world built in the correct order
for storytelling, even if it's still a long way from any sort of useful
I rather feel like I've been failing at life for
the last ten or so years.  Must stop that. Hehe.  Lets see if I can at
least be social enough to interact with drunkduck again.
dd is still here, and I'm amazed (and a little jealous) at all the folk
who've kept to their stories over the years.  It's truly amazing, and
awesome, and you should all be proud.  I'm very impressed by the many
that have stuck with it for so long, despite whatever else life had in
store for them. 
For this latest resurrection attempt I'll
probably be using digital art more then watercolor.  And updates will be
one panel… maybe more… as fast as I can manage them.  We'll see. 
Hopefully it won't just be a mess of confusing posts.  Hopefully it'll
last more then a couple of weeks. =P

edit: through the finished panels into one page and deleted the extra posts.