wings of rask, page 199b

kalliikak on Nov. 29, 2012

hey there. so far so good… i begin to wonder if i shouldn't just wait until i have a whole page done to upload things, but any update is better then no update i suppose.
nova! i suppose, this character has been gone for about 30 pages… or 3 years… <.<  anyway, i changed a few things.  her tattoo for one.

you see… when i first started this comic, i wasn't very confident that my various characters would be obvious to the readers since i don't keep their features very consistantly… one way i combated this was tattoos and things.  but, then the tattoo's actually became part of the characters and the story… can't just get rid of them all the sudden right?! but i will redesign them i think.
i think a lot will change, though it should seem slight to the reader i hope.  the story came before the world in eliada, so a lot of elements were put into the world defensively.  i'm not sure if this can be easily remedied, but i figure i'll give it a shot at least. 
thanks for visiting :)