AlexC on Aug. 17, 2006

Hey. Look guys. We need to talk. I've been dealing with some really hard personal things lately and my art has suffered because of it and I'm not feeling too inspired at the moment. Some really dumb teenage shit is going on with me and I just need to take a break with Filth and Decay for awhile. No matter what though, I will be returning back to webcomics in September. Filth and Decay or not. But if its not filth and decay it will be something else and something great. I probably will return to Filth and Decay though. I dont know, I've done over 130 strips for FND and I think maybe I'm getting tired of it. I don't know. I'm a jack ass. I just need some me time and im thinking sometime after september is a great idea because it would get me caught up for school i'd be done with half of my GED test. Sorry for run on sentences. I will be back though! I promise this time! If you really want to know what's happening to me just IM me on AIM: xRudeRadicalx or email me and i'll talk to yo if i feel like devuldging and bye. I will see you sometime in September woo!

A.C. Out

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