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I/'m back baby!

I/'m so sorry I kept you hanging, I had two very difficult semesters at school and I needed to make sure I got all A\'s and B\'s this time. I don\'t currently have my tablet pen, it seems as if immediately after I said I would redo them all and update, I lost it! But I just got a job and I\'m starting soon, so that\'s the first thing I\'m going to buy, even before a Wii or Brawl or a classic controller or a working bike or anything! \r\nI\'m in the process of redrawing them so that coloring them on the tablet will be much quicker. \r\nI\'m also in the process of making new scripts, for I just went on vacation with a few guyfriends and had quite an AIDS-filled experience. \r\nI\'m actually already to the point where I\'m drawing a comic you guys haven\'t even seen yet.. so don\'t give up hope yet, they\'re acomin\'!\r\n\r\nThanks for anyone that didn\'t completely lose faith in me!\r\n\r\n<3,\r\nLeira Nutinsky


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