Eternal Session 3

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Eternal by GIO

Dora and Ceera Linn's Her mother was a researcher. She was hired by a Pharmaceutical company to look into a new phenomena showing in human beings that are born with different abilities. Their abilities lie dormant until severe mental trauma happens, then their abilities are unlocked. Dora witnessed her mother getting her throat slit by an unknown assassin. Ceera witnessed it as well. Their abiliies became active as a result. Now they are specialist bounty hunters trying to find who that man was that killed their mother. This assignment she recieved recently leads them to the Trinity Syndicate crime boss Marion Wilks. But in Session 5, you find out there's something much larger going on behind the sceenes. Dora's mother's death goes alot farther than Trinity. That's all I can say for now. You can read it all here on DrunkDuck.


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