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A publisher for Lycoris?

Help us find a publisher!

Hey Lycoris fans! QuEeNeLf Here. I just realised I never actually wrote anything in here. Cause you know I suck at life.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that we have successfully updated for the month of April-well you don't know that but we have! This should continue if I don't have another nervous breakdown or something horrible comes up.

Anyway, we're looking for a publisher for Lycoris. I've tried a few places. So far the only rejection is from Ape comics. Which is cool. They were really nice about it.

I'm not really sure what comic company will take us considering how very strange Lycoris is.

Also, some information you may not know.

Lycoris, is actually the little girl's Name…we don't actually specify that.
Lycoris was also originally written as a children's story. I never really saw it that way but I really liked it all the same.

Trav originally found me to draw Lycoris at a bar with some friends. He was quite lit when we started talking about comics. He was like “I have this story I want to make into a comic but I don't have an artist” and I was like “Hey, I draw comics man.” I didn't know if he'd actually take me up on it as I've had several writers pitch me in a similar fashion.

Anyway, let's get some kind of a dialogue going here. I want to know what you the fans think of this story so far. I want to know what you think is going to happen. I want to know what kind of extras you'd like to see from us.

Just talk to us. We's good peoples yo!


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