Midnight Redeemer

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Check Out The Story in Writing!

You can always read ahead of the comic/ read a bunch of undrawn sidestories of the Midnight Reaver here:\r\nwww.fallingfaraway.deviantart.com\r\nObviously it is my DeviantArt page, so you can comment on stuff, look at upcoming story arcs, and even look at pics that aren\'t on DD yet! You can also enter the Midnight Redeemer store, where all proceeds go to the creation…after all, we are all starving artists! Check that out here:\r\nhttp://www.cafepress.com/midnightredeemr\r\nThanks again for everything everyone! Please check back soon! I will try to get on a regular updating schedule eventually when school and everything calms down. \r\n\r\n-Randy


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