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[Character Discussion] Narou

Discuss/talk about our beastly main character Narou!
Don't be afraid to ask questions!

[Character Discussion] Ran

Discuss/talk about everyone's favorite cute little urchin Ran!

[Setting Discussion] Kelvren

Where does Narou live?
What is the world of Kelvren's history, mythology, geography?
What kind of Flora and Fauna can be found there?

[Info] Narou News

Check here for the latest announcements regarding Narou including the status of new pages!

[Fans] Narou LOVE

Tell the characters of Narou how much you LOVE them =D
'Cause they, ummm, they love you too!

[Fans] Narou Stats

How is Narou doing on in regards to readership on DD? Well, here are the answers!

[Info] About Narou

Information about the Author and how Narou was created

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