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Character Profiles!


The Contestants


Number One: Xemnas
Age: 25
Occupation: Terrorist
Astrological Sign: Aries

Color: Black
Scent: Gasoline, fire, and destruction.
Movies: Hostel, Saw, Saw 2, Arlington Road, and V for Vendetta.
TV Shows: Anything on CNN, as it's a great way to learn from other facist's mistakes.
Video Game: Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto, and Civilization.
Activities: Arson, robbery, kidnapping, homicide, genocide, manipulating people, and world domination.
Actors: Christopher Walken
Actress: Chiaki Kuriyama
Music: Rammstein, Slipknot, Korn (the earlier stuff), Rob Zombie's earlier stuff, Black Sabbath, Dimmu Borgir, Lamb of God, and Slayer.

Xemnas proclaims to be a simple man with simple dreams…that is if you count world domination as a simple dream, along with killing anyone and everyone in his way. He has countless warrants for his arrest, but he's managed to kill every cop that even laid eyes on him. Now that he's in captivity in Lockdown, will his reign of terror continue?

UPDATE!: Recently, we have found out that his main goal is to prove to the population of the universe that he is a better villain than Sephiroth (the villain of the popular video game, Final Fantasy VII).


Number Two: Xigbar
Age: 26
Occupation: Undercover Agent
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Color: Purple
Scent: “The scent of a woman after performing CENSORED FOR LITTLE CHILDREN'S EYES”
Movies: Any and all pornography
TV Shows: Anything on the Playboy or Spice channels.
Video Game: Hentai dating sims
Activities: CENSORED
Actors: Johnny Depp (because he made it easy for men with eyepatches get laid, as he made women horny for pirates)
Actress: Jenna Jameson
Music: Nine Inch Nails (But only for the song of “Closer”) and Marvin Gaye

Xigbar is a self-professed “ladie's man”, and said that he's laid over ten thousand women in his lifetime. He's an undercover agent for the CIA, but said that he only does the job, because it attracts more women. Now that he has been placed in Lockdown though, how long can he live with abstinence before he finally breaks?


Number Three: Xaldin
Age: 23
Occupation: Unemployed
Astrological Sign: Cancer

Color: Green
Scent: Marijuana
Movies: How High, any Cheech and Chong movie, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Dazed and Confused, and Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Shows: Weeds
Video Game: Drug Wars
Activities: Taking any and every kind of drug, making “special” brownies, going to raves.
Actors: Tommy Chong
Actress: Tara Reid
Music: Kottonmouth Kings, Sublime, and Snoop Dog.

Xaldin needs to get his life together, but he really doesn't give a shit. The only thing he worries about is how many drugs he can get in his system. But now that he is in Lockdown, how long will it be until he starts going into withdrawl?

UPDATE!: We have found out that the reason he started to take drugs is because he was rejected by Belle, who elbowed him in the stomach and stole a flower from him. But now, it appears that they have made up with each other, although the circumstances of their current relationship are unknown.


Number Four: Vexen
Age: 22
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Astrological Sign: Taurus

Color: Blue
Scent: Green tea
Movies: Any superhero movie, any Quentin Tarantino movie, The Matrix (but not the other two movies), the original Star Wars trilogy, Donnie Darko, Battle Royale, Akira, Spirited Away, and any Monty Python movie.
TV Shows: Star Trek, any anime, X-Play, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Arrested Development.
Video Game: Everything, but mostly RPG series.
Activities: Playing video games, surfing the internet, reading manga, playing Dungeons and Dragons, attending LAN parties, and going to anime sci-fi conventions.
Actors: Samuel L. Jackson
Actress: Uma Thurman
Music: Radiohead, Tool, Gackt, HYDE, Nobuo Uematsu, and Dir En Gray.

Vexen is a very intelligent and successful man, but yet he has social problems for getting too wrapped up in his interests. It distresses him that he's unable to keep a woman's interest for more than two minutes, but he doesn't make much of an effort to change himself. Without any form of technology to amuse himself, how long will Vexen be able to last?


Number Five: Lexaueus
Age: 28
Occupation: Changes constantly
Astrological Sign: Gemini

Color: Depends on the mood
Scent: Depends on the mood
Movies: Depends on the mood
TV Shows: Depends on the mood
Video Game: Depends on the mood
Activities: Depends on the mood
Actors: Depends on the mood
Actress: Depends on the mood
Music: Depends on the mood

Quite frankly, we have no clue on what to say about this man…he seemingly has approximately six million personalities, and we're not sure which one is the real one. Who knows how well he will do in Lockdown!


Number Six: Zexion
Age: 18
Occupation: Cashier at Hot Topic
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Color: Black
Scent: Blood (his own)
Movies: None, because he refuses to see anything made by “evil corporations”.
TV Shows: Music videos on MTV
Video Game: “Not worth my time, although my time isn't worth anything anyways”
Activities: Complaining about his life on Livejournal, writing angsty poetry, trying to kill himself by slitting his wrists (the wrong way), seeing how long he can go without taking a shower.
Actor: None
Actress: Rose McGowan
Music: My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Weezer, HIM, Marilyn Manson, Korn (mostly new stuff), and Panic! At The Disco.

Zexion is not afraid to speak out his mind, unfortunately he's also so discontented with this world, that he's driven to try to rid himself from the world in any way possible. Perhaps in Lockdown, he'll find his self worth in the world, as he will be unable to kill himself. However, perhaps he'll become more inventive and figure out a way to lead to his demise.


Number Seven: Saix
Age: 24
Occupation: Former librarian, now an accused arsonist.
Astrological Sign: Pisces

He refused to give out any information about himself, as he told us that he didn't have permission to and would be forced to do “very bad things” if he were to speak of anything.

Apparently, Saix formally lived a peaceful, albeit boring life as a librarian. One day, however, he claimed that he saw the vision of three pixie women and it all went downhill from there. He tried to see a psychologist to try to figure out a way to cure himself, but once he was diagnosed as schizophrenic, he was forced to kill him. Perhaps we can help him, as he will not be able to destroy anything within his cell. Either that, or the “pixie women” will consume him completely, leading him to permanent insanity.


Number Eight: Axel
Age: 21
Occupation: President of the Roxas Fanclub
Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Color: Red
Scent: Roxas
Movies: Brokeback Mountain
TV Shows: Queer as Folk
Video Game: Kingdom Hearts 2, because he can play “with” Roxas.
Activities: Finding new and rare pictures of Roxas, daydreaming about Roxas, and seeing how many candles he can light around his super sized picture of Roxas without burning the house down.
Actors: “None can even come close to the perfection of Roxas”
Actress: “Actress as in a woman? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…not for me.”
Music: Jesse McCartney, as his voice reminds him a LOT of Roxas.

To be honest, we don't know anyone who can even match up to having an obsession as big as Axel's (even Renegade Raine's Xigbar obsession doesn't even come close). Not to mention he's a bit of a pedophiliac, as Roxas is only fifteen. He's a very outgoing, attractive, and charismatic man, but he refuses to associate himself with anyone unless he thinks that they will help or get him closer to the one named Roxas. Hopefully, with his time in Lockdown, he will learn that there are other people in the world.


Number Nine: Demyx
Age: 19
Occupation: Sitarist of a heavy metal band
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Color: Blue
Scent: Cookies
Movies: This is Spinal Tap, Rock Star, House of 1000 Corpses,
TV Shows: WWE wrestling
Video Game: Guitar Hero (is a current champion of the game)
Activities: Playing his sitar
Actors: Bruce Campbell
Actress: Carmen Electra
Music: Metallica (eariler stuff), Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, White Zombie, and Slayer.

Demyx is an extremely creative individual, who is sure to change the world with his innovative ideas. Unfortunately, he allows people to walk all over him and doesn't really take the initiative in any situation. In fact, he still lives with his mom, and despite having the looks, he's still a virgin. We're hoping that during his time in Lockdown, we're able to cause this young man to crack, so that his inner aggression will finally come out.


Number Ten: Luxord
Age: 32
Occupation: Former teacher, now a professional gambler
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Color: Green
Scent: Money
Movies: Leaving Las Vegas, Ocean's Eleven, any James Bond movie.
Video Game: Video poker
Activities: Gambling, drinking, conning people out of their hard, earned cash.
Actors: Sean Connery
Actress: Pamela Anderson
Music: Guns & Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith.

Despite his gambling and drinking problems, Luxord is an extremely intelligent and talented man. However, because of his vices, he has left his personal life in shambles. He lost his son, Timmy, to a game of poker, he lost his job as a teacher (due to a very bad decision), and his wife cheated on him with Xigbar. We hope that his time in Lockdown will allow him to reflect on his actions in life, and perhaps he can straighten himself out to get some inner peace.

UPDATE: Luxord has submitted to his weakness, and therefore has been the first contestant eliminated on Lockdown. But not to worry, he can still be seen on the new super talk show, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, Maury Povich, and Robot Dr. Phil!


Number Eleven: Marluxia
Age: 23
Occupation: Beauty Consultant
Astrological Sign: Libra

Color: Pink
Scent: Britney Spears perfume line
Movies: Mean Girls, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Titanic, John Tucker Must Die, What a Girl Wants, and The Notebook.
TV Shows: Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, Will and Grace, Grey's Anatomy, Ally McBeal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Laguna Beach.
Video Game: DDR and Animal Crossing
Activities: Going to nightclubs, going to the mall, getting his hair done, getting manicures, talking on the phone for hours, and yoga.
Actors: Brad Pitt
Actresses: Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, and the Olsen Twins.
Music: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Brooke Hogan, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Madonna, and Ciara.

Marluxia takes very good care of his hygiene…and it shows. However, he's very snobbish and refuses to associate with anyone that he sees as less beautiful than himself. On the other hand, if he sees anyone more beautiful than himself, then he gets extremely jealous. So as you may imagine, he leads a lonely life. In Lockdown though, we refuse to give our contestants the right to bathe…so perhaps a new Marluxia can be reborn?


Number Twelve: Larxene
Age: 22
Occupation: Drill Instructor
Astrological Sign: Leo

Color: Yellow
Scent: The sweat of the workers around her.
Movies: Single White Woman, Basic Instinct, and Fatal Attraction.
TV Shows: “Nothing good is ever fuckin' on!”
Video Game: Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and Animal Crossing (she says to not ask).
Activities: Forcing the people around her into slave labor
Actors: Brad Pitt
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Music: Kittie, Hole, 12 Rounds, Portishead, and Madonna.

Larxene is a very driven woman and does not take any shit from anybody. Of course, that's also her downfall. She cares nothing about the well being of everyone else around her and will use people in any way possible to benefit herself. Without anyone around to serve her though, just how long will she last in Lockdown?

UPDATE!: Apparently, she has a son that is “around the same age” as Roxas. Who the child or the father is, we don't know at the moment. But we will keep you updated as we find out more information…

UPDATE2!: Larxene has quit the game, and has in turn unwillingly joined Luxord in the super talk show with Oprah, Robot Dr. Phil, and Maury Povich. Her son has also been revealed to be Seifer, although the father is still yet unknown.




The so-called “brains” behind the idea of Lockdown, although he really just ripped it off from a show on FOX. He lacks intelligence, mostly because he spends his free time smoking pot with his friends.

The second-in-command, although it doesn't seem like it, as he's usually on the recieving end of his friend's torment. Although he's smarter than Sora, he's still not very intelligent. He's been trying to fight the constant accusation that he's gay for Sora, although he doesn't convince anyone. If anything, it just makes him seem all the more homosexual.

All that is known is that this figure is a woman and is by far the most intelligent of the group. And really, now that you know that it's a female, you can PROBABLY guess who it is.

This seemingly animal form is the benefactor of the group, as he is a notorious drug dealer. Most of the time, he only bitches about his money getting spent for such luxuries as hiring Chuck Norris as a mercenary. And we all know how that turned out.

This little guy probably goes unnoticed by most people, but since he was fired from his old job, he has now joined Sora and his gang to do book keeping and to get in the small places that no one else can get to. But other than that, he's by far the most useless in the group.


He was named the Super Terminal Device by the female producer, as Sora couldn't think of anything else that had the initials of STD. Unfortunately, the producer also got to design the look of the computer and made it into the shape of a heart, as she figured it would be clever, as the contestants had no hearts. STD already deeply resents the producers for this, as it's clearly a male computer, but he also hates having to endure the bitching of the contestants and never holds back what it's truly “feeling”.

He's the nobody of Sora, and formally the thirteenth member of the Organization XIII, but left in hopes of meeting Sora. However, he met him and was rather unimpressed. It is known that Axel has a crush on him, but it is unknown whether there was actually a romantic relationship between Axel and Roxas or not.

Chuck Norris
What can we say? This guy is regarded as a god in most people's eyes. But now, he is someone to fear as he has now taken Xemnas as his protege. He is also “married” to the goddess Athena, although he only regards her as one of his bitches.

Blaze Price
The wife of Luxord, although the two seem to be going through marital strife at the moment. Apparently, Luxord's lack of attentiveness and him losing their son in a game of poker drove her to sleep with the man-slut known as Xigbar.

Renegade Raine
An obvious female who constantly wears a large overcoat (with the hood up) that she got as payment to capture the contestents. She also demanded that Xaldin and Belle be put in the same room together (which was granted) and that she have one hour alone with Xigbar (which hasn't been granted as of yet), as she's one of the approximetly 5% of women between the ages of 16 to 45 who aren't mentally challenged or overweight that Xigbar hasn't slept with yet. In her spare time, she likes to read and/or write dirty fanfiction.

Crazy Pig
Not much is known about her at this point, except that she's the younger sister of Renegade Raine, and that she's know been hired by Sora to track down Chuck Norris and Xemnas, as Renegade Raine is still recovering from her coma. In a not so genius turn of events, she managed to recapture Xemnas with the simplest of simple plans. To make sure she's not mixed up with her older sister, she wears a red coat.

Oprah Winfrey
The popular and rich talk show host has been hired to interview each of the contestents who quit on Lockdown. Whether or not she buys everyone in the audience an ungodly expensive item remains to be seen.

Robot Dr. Phil
A popular talk show host who gives advice on dating. But he became so wrapped up in himself that he transferred his mind to a robot, since that has more charisma than he will ever have.

Maury Povich
A not as popular talk show host. His show is known for paternity test results, lie detector results, and cross-dressers. And no, I'm not even making this shit up.

Larxene's son who has inherited her tyrannical nature, but is more of a brat about it. Larxene is never home, so he hates her as she never brings him the torture devices he wants.

Xemnas' rival, although the reason why Xemnas hates him is unknown. What is known though is that somehow he tricked Cloud and the state of California to make Cloud his wife.

Sephiroth's wife, although he's strongly against the marriage.




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