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Almost finished

I have been hard at work. there is a minimum of 12 fights in this final chapter, and I'm only in the 3rd battle. still, I am using all of the characters, so it's not gonna be a disappointment! I'm not gonna spoil anything, but I do wanna say that this will almost definitely explain a lot of the story. there is still gonna be like loose ends and a few mysteries left, because I plan to do a SEQUEL! although, it won't be for a while, because I'm planning on doing 1 or 2 side completely unrelated comics, but nonetheless, there WILL BE A SEQUEL. At any rate, I figured I should write this to let people know I'm not just going on facebook or whatever all the time, I am still working on Smash Bros Royale! I will hopefully see ya's in a month, give or take some. oh, and PLEASE SEND IN ANY GUEST COMICS! I want some to fill in while I'm working on Smash Bros royale. anyway, see ya!


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