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Sonics Adventurs

You can talk, critizise, or just whatever about my comic here. (If you want to critizise, please nothing too harsh…)

Other Comics

Got another comic you want everyone to know about? Post about it here.

Video Games

What kind of forum dosn\'t have a video game catagory? Talk about them here.

Random Rabble

Just gotta\' chat about something? Then do it here!

Forum Games

Got a forum game you like? Feel free to post them here!

Serious Stuff

If you want to chat about something, but it\'s a serious matter, you can discuss it here.


News on the comic, forum, or anything you want us to hear can be posted here.


I\'m sure not everyone knows who everyone is around here, so introduce yourself to us!

Critizism Central

Just gotta\' shout out your opinion on something? Tell it to us here.

Closed Rabble

Chat about stuff in private here. (If someone comes to a post and they\'re not allowed, then I\'ll have to deal with you…) Just don\'t go too far as to exclude people from topics harshly or in large numbers. (One on one conversations are fine.)


Stay out of trouble in the forum! Or else… Trust me, you don\'t want to be here…

HELP ME!!!!!

Caught in a jam. Feeling down. Need advice. What the heck, we can help eachother out, can\'t we?

Joining or Leaving?

I you\'re joining or leaving or coming back to this site, post it here!

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