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Uhhhhhhhhh- is it just me or is no one reading

yeah- quite disappointing that, considering how much fricking effort and time i actually put into this. It\'s not like I do this half-heartedly or even when I simply feel like doing it. I do it cuz I want people to read this comic- and no-one is! thats real annoying. however I thought about it and I way as well print it- maybe then I\'ll get some people to actually read cat and mouse. I\'m really tired at the moment- i\'ve just finished page 14 straight after running two miles around the fields where my house is. My shins hurt and my throat is still a bit dry and sore. I don\'t know why I even bother nowadays- my BMI is actually below norm, so I might as well sit on my ass all day and transform those carbs into cellulite. but no- I go for a run and come back here- to devotedly keep updating this stupid comic. if there is anyone out there reading this- tell me why I bother!



Right- if anyone can tell me how to put up links to other comics with the banners showing on my pages that would be really awesome and i would love you for ever! Thanks!


well, not much new

yep. no real news for now, just the fact that I\'m bored sick and tired of drawing today and it\'s really late. I know this is only page 16 but other people get like a million comment by this time. I get a big fat ZERO so I\'m still depressed and ticked off at that. overall an additional page to the site is indeed being made but I can\'t really get on with it because cat and mouse is simply not big or long enough to fulfill the tick boxes and give me enough good material to work from. so yeah, \'till next week you guys! Love you all!\r\nP.S. may start to update twice a week, not too sure because I\'m still employed but keep your eyes peeled because I will be causing a fuss 9the nice kind of fuss) over the occasion. and one of the two weekly updates may be in pencil and a little rough because of the lack of time and effort form me. because I\'m lazy, irresponsible and I have a lot of exams going on too.\r\n~Ninja3~



NEW SCHEDULE EVERYONE! THURSDAYS AS WELL AS SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r\nkeepin on top of this shit you know! ;p\r\n I seriously don\'t know how to fit it in. Just couldn\'t find a way to make the text clearer in the small speech bubbles T_T, if you have a solution to the problem I would give a limb to hear it! thanks!\r\nSo yeah, I\'ve decided to give you guys more of my undivided effort and produce more work. as soon as I\'m brave enough I\'ll step up the game and update even MORE often. but that\'s just a dream of mine, it\'s all still to come XD\r\nLove ya alls!\r\n~Ninja3~


repairs and changes

I have had a lot of people say tome that the text is really hard to read, well, I have a solution for y all- i\'LL TRY! and make ti easier, except that i don\'t quite know what to do,well, I\'ll fiddle around and see,. maybe the page size needs changing :/. well, I\'ve also promised myself to work harder on my backgrounds so that should be evident soon to see. page 18 is ready to be uploaded so that shalt not be a problemo. I\'be been pretty faithful so far, keeping my promises and such like, i think I\'m starting to take this a little more responsibly and not leaning it in the pits of denial at the back of my guilty conscience. It\'s paying off so far i hope >____<. and the fact that I only have two pages to go until I reach my 20 makes me one hell of a happy sadist teenager XD!\r\nmaria all out! *salutes!*\r\n~Ninja3~



Sorry guys but i can\'t update this Thursday because I've missed the update and can\'t make it in time. I\'ve had a huge lot of studying and my Art exam prepwork to do so i do apologize for this mess, however I will be able to fix this on saturday. I can\'t do sunday because I have a performance in an amnesty international talent show being held at the school. whew.\r\Again, you have my deepest apologies.\r\n~Ninja3~


CAT AND MOUSE MMV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, you heard right! I have made my first MMV ever and am currently uploading it onto youtube. if you look for Cat and Mouse MMV you\'ll be able to find it within about a minute. I\'m trying to promote the comic further so I\'ve decided to make the MMV and share it with the world. It\'s my first and the song was there wen I began O_O weird- my PC is psychic! but I hope you guys like it!\r\n~Ninja3~


sorry guys! no sunday update this week

I know, I know- but I really ouldn\'t do it. My drawing ability just hit below zero, so has my will to do anything. plus I have a tonn of german course work due in at 10 AM tomorrow- it\'s 9PM at the moment, the day before. So I do apologize but I just couldn\'t do it. sorry.



Basically I'm going to be simple- dead tablet, no money to get new one, change of plot meaning loss and remake of pages. Cat And Mouse will be on hiatus until further notice (I really am sorry about this) BUT don't give up on me. I will most likely get something done.rnIf you want this comic to stay alive commission me so I can keep drawing. I need to eat off something you know lol.rnBasically- all commissions are $15 or below so it won't cost you an arm and a leg.rnTo request a commission and get more info email me on—rnsilent_ninja_asassin@hotmail.comrnIf I can raise money for a tablet Cat and Mouse will keep going. All I can say for now.rnTata and keep up with me. Keep reading, keep watching- otherwise there's no use in Cat and Mouse right? ;p


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