The Dragonshard Saga

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The Dragonshard Saga

Questions or comments about the comic? Post 'em here!



Got a question that's a little off the wall, from left field, or just plain wacky? We'd be glad to answer them, and any others you might come up with!


Mischief and Mayhem

Thoughts on everything from the comic to why cats and dragons show a remarkable likeness of character, straight from the somewhat unfathomable mind of the artist.


You Shambling Paleozoic Bivalve!

The (sometimes incoherent) ruminations of the man responsible for the evoking and witty dialogue contained in the comic. Flamers beware! You won\'t -quite- understand the insults he hurls back!



Info on updates, extra tidbits about the pages and plot, and whatever other random things I feel like posting!


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