The Elemental Storm Volume 4

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The Road To Madness

Well forty pages done! The comic has gone digital as has started with a BANG! One day I'll put the first three chapters up online, but that's a ways away, I'm shooting for the end and I'll redo the whole thing when I finish ;) Yenek's adventure has to be perfect, as his two predecessors Scai and Jade. rnIn a way, I feel deeply connected to all of my characters, I feel we're all going through similar problems; granted, I'm not struggling to become the leader of a country, or trying to topple corrupt tyrannical dictators, but this comic is quite an ordeal. I'm trying to portray this world the way I see it; It's REAL, I feel them, my characters struggles, their pains, their joys. If God exists, this must be what he feels like. Aaaanywho, Volume 4 is coming to a close, and Volume 5 will pick up right away, only being a bit more organized. Please leave comments on anything you believe I should improve, I CRAVE criticism.


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