Toil and Trouble

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"Toil and Trouble" For Beginners

A General Forum for the webcomic, “Toil and Trouble” Find out about the webcomic, get messages from Abby, and find out how “Abby” wants the Forum to run.


While the Cauldron Bubbles.

The community for the comic strip, “Toil and Trouble.” Chat, Discuss and kill some time with other WMP's.


Accolades for Abby

Band together my WMP's and Let Abby know just what you think of me and my webcomic. Comments, criticisms, praise…mostly praise. Watch it with the criticism, I can be easily provoked. (Fan Threads)


"Broom's" Closet

All the information that was once contained in the character “Broom's” brain can be found here. This is under construction and nothing is here yet. Abby is working on the spell to retrieve his knowledge.


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