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Breaking News from Whateverland!

This area is dedicated to any announcements concerning the comic, and the discussion thereof.


Let's Hang Out!

There are no strangers in this town! Post here if you have anything to say to the cartoonist, or just want to introduce yourself and get to know the other readers.


Town Ombudsman

Have a critique about the comic? Something you liked? Something you didn't? Feel free to let me know! I'm as new to this cartooning thing as you are to Whateverland, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Just keep it civil!


Residential District

You find yourself in a role-playing section of the forum. Available directions are EAST, DUE SOUTH, and UP. What do you want to do?


Downtown Whateverland

General discussion board. An open-ended place where you can talk about…y'know…whatever.


Leech's Art Studio

Artists! They're everywhere, whether you like it or not. Gather here to show off your own creativity, talk shop, or (politely) solicit (polite) critiques from your fellow Whatlanders. Here there be art jams.
-Just keep in mind that this site has the equivalent of a PG-13 content rating!-


Mitch's Comic Collection

I'm pretty sure we all like comics here. Call it a hunch. (And if that's not the case for you, then one or both of us is VERY confused.) Talk about the latest installment of Whateverland, report and/or react to current events in the industry, gush about your favorite (or rant about your least favorite) series, or even tell everyone about your own comic! Grab your longboxes, start your web browsers, and gear up for some serious geeking out!


Speculation Station

Ever since Man first put stories down to paper, Other Man has been wondering which epic hero could beat up which legendary figure in a fight, or trying to guess the surprise ending, or persistently weaving a vivid tapestry of home-brewed theories from the opening chorus to the final act. rnrnIn other words, gather here to speculate, hypothesize, and trade what-if scenarios. Because trying to stay one step ahead of the writer is half the fun of reading a story.


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