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Draft Layouts

Here are some drafts of some of my layouts!


Why is the forum dated December 1969?

Seriously, could someone explain to me to why
my blog is dated December 1969?
Damn Vista!


Painter and Photoshop- A match in heaven or doomed relationship?

Recently, I started using Painter and Photoshop together. My goal is to become as proficient as Yukito Kishiro with using those two programs in conjunction. Do you favour one over the other?


Black & White vs. Colour

So page 11 marks a new turning point in Aleion, we're reaching the climax soon…Also, a new approach arises.Some may like some like, despise it, or be indifferent to it.rnBy the way, I've started drawing the cake!
Should the cake be marble, cherry, or black forest?


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