Chronicles of Era

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Welcome, to the world of Era!

Now I realize I am not the greatest artist here, far from it, but I hope you can enjoy the story I am going to attempt to tell you.

This idea started for me about 6 years ago, and I have slowly added to it in my mind. I have created insurmountable versions and alternatives to the story, but I'm going to tell you my favorite one, maybe someday I will be able to tell them all.



Heeey! I know there are some sooper-dooper awesome dee awesome Drunk Duck Users out there! and they should help me!rnCmon! I bet you guys kno tons of awesome secrets, tricks, and C++ awesomness your just DIEING to shaaare! :Drnso… you wanna tell me stuff that'd make my comic better? maybe some cool Drunk Duck tools, some coding, or maybe art advice? I'd apreciate it


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