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Just a little info about releasing new pages...

I decided i\'ll try and update here once a week. That means while i\'m not going to update this place like I do my main site (in which I put out the new pages as they are finished), when I do the once a week update it should be a good 1-3 pages in that update. I hope that is sufficient!!! Thanks!\r\n\r\nBecca


Manga Studio 3.0 EX

Whoooo I finaly bought it! I broke down and bought Manga Studio cause it was on 1/2 price. I think it was a good decision, even if only for the computones it provides. I also like how it\'s similar to photoshop which is the air to my lungs as an artist. Soooo anyone else who has this please let me know any tips or tricks to it. I\'m going to have to learn it, I hate learning…it\'s learn-ed like.


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