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Revamping all pages! (konrei)

It has been a while after updating this comic but for now, we are planning to revamp all of the pages as we got some things that makes our comic making slightly faster (except on story plots and comic paneling):
TracePad 11x17 Lightbox
We bought this last SakuraCon 2011 for $165 and this will help us to rework some of our linearts (my POOR dirty linearts that is).
J-Comic Creator Plugin on Photoshop CS2
This thing has been on my Photoshop plugin for a long time and never had the chance to use it and today, I tried using it, this plugin has some manga effects you see in a common manga pages (speedlines, flash word balloons etc.).

Compressing images
Not actually a haul but I got a lot of tips regarding on compressing images using “Save as Web” option on Photoshop. Really saved me a lot of size and time!

4x5 Wacom Tablet Graphire Blue
My sister got this so we have both tablets now. I've been teaching her the basics before she bought this and so far, she got it alright!

Canon LiDE 200 Scanner
We were both sick on using the bulky all-in-one scanner that we've been using so my sister bought it on ebay and loving it after each uses.
That's it, keep on eye on some comic updates! ;) And plugging this artblog: http://ryuukodan.blogspot.com


6 pages on the go!!

The updates are slow last week but got updated yesterday then I retouched it by toning the latest page. I will tone the other panels also so do wait! ~konrei-sama


Back after for so long...

We both stalled the comic too long, personal problems and other things occurred so I'm going to re-up everything using the new scanner we bought on ebay (used Canon LiDE200 for $32). I might upload some filler pages to get it updated for the meantime. :)rnrn~konrei-sama


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