Legends of the Star Warriors

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Just getting started

Alright things appear to be calming down now so I should be able to focus more on my comics. I have to say a lot happened within the past few mouths. A friend of mine was murdered by her stupid Ex Boyfriend who will faces the chair in a few years, my grandmother had not one but “TWO” heart attacks, and let’s not forget about college. So yeah life has been a little hectic.rnrnPersonal problems aside, we al almost done with the intro for the characters of LSW and will soon get started with the actual story. I will try to have some character Bio’s posted as soon as I can find out how that works for this sight, that way I can post anything I might have missed in the beginning of the comic, and before you ask yes I could uses some help in finding out how to put up the character bio’s. I will also try to update the blog on a monthly basses just to let you know if I’m going to be gone for a while or just let you know about the next upcoming comic.rn


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