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About My Graphic Novels

    I've always been an artist, I've always drawn and painted even from as far back as I could remember. In fact, I can't remember a time when I didn't have a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand.
    I never went to art school or did any formal studies of art or comics layout but I was able to develop my skills and abilities to the point where, back in the 80s and after much persistence and determination, I was able to land a job with Warner Brothers in their animation department. This was the fulfilment of a dream for me as I'd always wanted to work in the art field.
    Sadly, this dream came to an end when Warners outsourced their animation department to Asia.
    Still, I continued to draw and seek new employment. At one point after that I worked as an oil rig worker for Sterling Drilling company out of Sterling, Colorado. At that time I worked in the north east corner of Wyoming with a crew that was drilling deep wells (20,000 feet or more). That lasted for a few years until a severe back injury ended that.
    I could go on about all the things I've done between then and now but I really don't want to bore you.
    Fast forward to about five years ago.
    It was then that I was first diagnosed with glaucoma, a serious, deteriating eye disease that eventually leads to blindness.
    At this point I'm legally blind and can no longer draw or paint using conventional by-hand methods. Still, the creative spirit cannot be quelled and, although I miss drawing and painting a quite a lot I'm still able to exercise my creative spirit and creativity by use of modern technology.

Enter Modern Technology

    Thanks to modern computer technology and by use of an enormous 28" high definition, high resolution graphics monitor I'm once again able to create graphic novels that I can happily share with others, which I've begun sharing here at The Duck. I do hope you all enjoy them.


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