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HOW would you survive a ZOMBIE invasion?
ozoneocean at 1:16PM, Jan. 11, 2011
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That's why you should always have a friend small enough that you can pick them up and swing them around, should the need arise.
Mine's attached to me riiiiiiight now ;)
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GameCargo at 3:37AM, Jan. 18, 2011
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1) Create a cult of followers, male and female, and promise them salvation and a promise land.

2) Capture a hundred zombies, inject detonation capsules into them, and transport them to high-tech goverment facilities.

3) Release them onto the facilities and wait until the zombies are finished massacring the guards and Soldiers.

4) Detonate the zombies and raid the facilities for weapons, nukes, mechs, and more transportation.

5) Kill the zombies and the infected.

6) Repopulate the earth.

I've thought long and hard about this folks ;)
Going through motions while I get my head straight.
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The Hamburglar at 6:52PM, Feb. 17, 2011
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I'd 9/11 them to death.

Either that or just hide in a shed with a shot gun and endless supply of Ramen Noodles.
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machinehead at 6:55PM, Feb. 26, 2011
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Step one: ?????
Step two: All the zombies are dead and it is safe to rebuild society.
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