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Top 13 Bands With Their Names In Their Songs
EdContradictory at 7:16AM, March 23, 2010
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13 Bands That Knew You Need A Song Explaining Your Band Name

Bad Company, Wang Chung, Big Country… these bands all knew that until you wrote a song explaining your band name… you weren't a real band.

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ozoneocean at 7:39AM, March 23, 2010
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The Rolling Stones - Like a Rolling Stone.
-Granted, it was a Dylan cover that they didn't write and didn't sing until 1994 and it was highly ironic, but still pretty significant in the name stakes. ^_^

Queen - Killer Queen.
Again, that's pretty big stuff.

The Who - Who are you
More rock titans.

Rammstein - Ramstein
Made of raw, pure, awsomonium.

Devo - We are Devo

I know another!
Icehouse - Icehouse
…It was written back when they still called themselves “the Flowers”, but they changed it soon after. :)
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EssayBee at 7:40AM, March 24, 2010
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Iron Maiden–“Iron Maiden.”

Manowar–“Manowar.” They also include their name in a lot of songs as well as refer to themselves as the “four metal kings” and their albums as “magic circles.” Although I love 'em, I doubt that they should be in a Top 13 Bands list–but since you put Devo in here, Manowar similarly fits!

And–heh heh–how about “Ice Ice Baby. Vanilla Ice Ice Baby”?
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Air Raid Robertson at 8:18AM, March 24, 2010
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Let's see how many I can think of…

“Wilco-The Song” by Wilco

“They Might Be Giants” by They Might Be Giants

“Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' To Fuck With” by The Wu-Tang Clan

“Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath

“Miles Ahead” by Miles Davis

Damn, I know I have more than that but I'm having a brain fart…

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PIT_FACE at 4:12PM, March 27, 2010
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aw man…
exodus-exodus attack
tankard-empty tankard
motorhead-we are motorhead
razor-edge of the razor
megadeth had a song called megadeth, but they cahnged it to set the world afire
black sabbath-black sabbath (duh,guys!)
overkill- overkill, overkill 1, overkill 2, overkill 3, and i think a forth?

though of corse, you guys all knew this already though, right? :D
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elektro at 4:27PM, March 27, 2010
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Slayer had a song called “Face the Slayer”, but they aren't really well known for that song.
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