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"Pretzel Place" finally coming to America!
humorman at 5:28PM, March 31, 2009
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Full article here.

Kenny Seisman, producer of the hit English sitcom Pretzel Place, is finally bringing the critically acclaimed show to the States. In an interview, Seisman splurges the details of this bold move.

“When the show began, I felt that it would attract a certain demographic, maybe a few others. I didn't think it would turn out so popular, but when I finally realized how great a show it was, I thought it would be cool to just, you know, let everyone else in on the fun.”

Pretzel Place first aired in late 2006. The sitcom revolves around the lives of a group of friends living in a London flat. The show is similar to the U.S.'s Friends.

"I actually hadn't seen Friends until after created the show,“ said Seisman regarding the show. ”It's almost uncanny as to how similar the shows are. It's not hard to imagine how similar the two shows are."

The show has been met with critical acclaim earning over seven awards for it's comedic writing. Much of this is due to Seisman's contribution to the show. Seisman has directed several movies including Mr. Billings, Mr. Billings: The Second Step, and The Eighth Book, all of which have favored well with critics.

“I'm hoping to bring the show to the States around May 2009. It's been a fairly difficult task, but I'm hoping for good results.”

Rather than bring the British series directly to the U.S., Seisman is going to redo the entire series using American actors. However, Seisman stated that he has decided to go with lesser known personalities for this project.

“I've been looking for some fresh talent for my fresh start. I don't really want to give away too much information, but I'm considering using Paulie LaZarch as the main role of Rory T. Bagels.”

Paulie LaZarch is pretty much unknown as an actor in the mainstream business. He has starred in independent films such as Twigs and Love Under Candlesticks.

“I'm looking forward to this new step for my series, and I hope it's a big success as it is in the U.K.,” said Seisman, concluding the interview.

The first episode of Pretzel Place is scheduled to air on May 30th in the States.

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