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"Zombies ahead," warns sign in South Carolina/North Carolina.
itsjustaar at 5:20PM, March 21, 2011
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Ahahahaha. xD … I'm gonna go boot up Left 4 Dead, now.
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“ZombieToons Must Die” - hiatus. D:
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Chernobog at 6:41PM, March 21, 2011
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Ha ha, good stuff.
“You tell yourself to just
enjoy the process,” he added. “That whether you succeed or fail, win or
lose, it will be fine. You pretend to be Zen. You adopt detachment, and
ironic humor, while secretly praying for a miracle.”
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Hawk at 2:20PM, March 23, 2011
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I love how the news site is oblivious to the video game the messages are referencing.
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