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the2ndredbaron at 5:51PM, Jan. 21, 2009
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I know that pages views are rounded and only shown in multiples of ten but I was wondering if they tally at a certain time. To better put I will check my comic at like 2 am and it will say I have 40 page views for the current day, then I will check it again at like 8 o'clock that night and it still says 40 views. It could be no one has checked it out, but it seems odd to me that it does this. Anybody got any thoughts?
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pastel at 8:27PM, Jan. 21, 2009
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It could be a combination of you only getting visitors at certain times and that the server refreshes the statistics every so often.

DD is infamous for the sort of thing. For the longest time, it took 3-5 days for people's new icons to display.
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