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'Ender's Game' series
TheSwordUpsilon at 5:21PM, June 30, 2007
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Hey, has anyone here read ‘Ender’s Game' and it's sequels? If not, get out of the topic and read it! For those who have, discus.

In my opinion, ‘Speaker for the Dead’ is best book of the series.
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ozoneocean at 6:13AM, July 2, 2007
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Speaker For the Dead is indeed the best book. I think I've read 4 of them… years and years ago… All the books had very different tones, they're not a series the way most books are because although they're all set in the same universe with some of the same characters whose histories connect, each book is written in a totally different style. It's almost as if they were all written by different people.

Enders Game is a Great young people's book, very exciting. :) Not as appealing though when you read it later.

Speaker For the Dead has such a lovely tone, such a well told story, and a good point to make. Quite beautiful.

Xenocide was… very weak. Very, very, very weak. It was a huge disappointment to me after Speaker For the Dead… While that book was perfectly contained, had lots of well made nicely explored and explained points, as well as brilliantly finished off; Xenocide was unfocused, with foolish things introduced without any support, the ending suddenly introduced even MORE new crazy things that had no support either. It was just a badly written piece of hackwork that needed a LOT more editing before it got out of first draft or even the outline stage.

The other one I read was some attempt at returning to the original book… “Batteschool” or something? Told from the perspective of a lessor character. This one was a cheap cash-in and an attempt to recapture the original spirit as well as reinvent it along with his current ways of thinking about the storyline. It just seemed silly mostly. It worked partially in getting back to the experiment of a smart little child genius who controls his gang and gets revenge and all that, but he romanticises the “childhood genius” idea way beyond what it was in the original book as well as reinventing the characters way beyond what they were, even exaggerating the children's capacity for evil many times over. By doing that he loses the genuine childish “voice” of the first book, Ender's Game, where you could really imagine kids doing those things in those situations, even his “unusually smart” kids. :)
Lastly he leaves the way open in a STUPID and obvious way for a sequel just like with Xenocide.
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freefall_drift at 7:53AM, July 2, 2007
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ozoneocean did a great job of summing up what I was going to rant. Ender's Game was the best, and the series goes downhill after that. It jumps the shark on Xenocide.
After reading some of Orson Scott Card's books over the years, I've found there is a weird undercurrent of doing cruel things to boys that weaves through his books. Ender's Game, Songbird and Alvin Maker series come to mind. Donno if he's got demons from his childhood he's writing into his stories (Write what you know) or if that's a marketing gimmick because he's found it sells books. Anyone else notice this?
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