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'Whispering Horror' / Looking for a manga artist!
AshesBorn at 10:54AM, June 11, 2009
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Trying to find an artist to draw a manga, using my script. I'll try to be as brief as I can describing the plot. :) You can contact me by posting in this thread, PQing me, or using MSN -
Feel free to ask anything you want to know)

Title: Whispering Horror
Genre: supernatural, fantasy, horror, historical, comedy (a little bit), action
Main characters:
- Our days
* Lily Hunt / 18 y.o. / British / F
* Adam Evans / 18 y.o. / British / M
* Alyssa McKenzie / 18 y.o. / British / F
* Shaun Sedrovski / 19 y.o. / Czech / M

- 17th Century
* Agnia / ~50 y.o. / Czech / F
* Caroline / 19 y.o. / Czech / F

Going to Czechia is a ‘dream come true’ for Lily Hunt. She and her friends (Adam and Alyssa, who hate each other by the way) are among the winners of the contest held by their college. They win the study trip to Czechia. Since she was a little girl Lily has been seeing the same dream about a girl who is calling her after hiding some strange casket in a wall. Shortly before their departure the story from her dream continues. The timing of those events is disordered, but Lily can figure some of the things out:
A little girl named Caroline loses all of her family members who were suspected of witchcraft and burned alive. She lives as a tramp on the streets of Prague, because her house was harried and then burned as well. The girl sells stuff nobody actually needs, but one day she meets a lady, who buys an old breastpin from her, and then offers her to live in her house. Caroline is very grateful and she starts to live in Agnia's house as a servant. But the truth is that Agnia wants to use the girl to get something she needs to perform one occult ritual. Caroline can't say no so she helps Agnia.
As they arrive to Prague Lily tells her friends about her dreams, she thinks that she sees the past. Adam believes her, and although she has some doubts Alyssa has to believe her too :D. The dreams keep on coming and slowly turn into visions telling the story of Caroline and events of her life in no particular order. Lily and her friends also obtain further insight into the goetic past of Czechia.
Soon, Lily learns that Agnia used Caroline's blood to summon a demon, and that he demanded the girl's soul for that. Caroline found a way to make a deal with him, so he would return and take her soul in her next life. Everyone who was involved died anyway. Lily realises that reincarnated Caroline is her and that she just tried to warn herself. The story repeats itself and some sect intends to summon the demon. So Lily and her friends need to prevent the ritual or find a way to trick that demon and save Lily, because there's not much time left before he finally returns to take her soul………..>>>>

P.S. It's not the whole story, but I'm too tired to write the details and I also don't want to give everything away. These are just the outlines. All I can add is that it will have a lot of interesting twists and storylines. And it's NOT ALL SERIOUS, it has its funny moments, as well as eerie moments.
P.P.S. Sorry for my english, it's not my mother language (as you can tell) but I'm trying ))
P.P.P.S. I'm not paying, guys… sorry. I wish I could(((
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CaptainKickas at 5:51PM, June 11, 2009
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SOoOoOoOo I've responded to 3 other threads where people are looking for an artist. one has responded back and but at an extremely low pace and I kinda want to get working on a project. SO I'm responding to this one too. I would really love to illustrate a comic for someone as I'm a terrible writer. I can even do more then one because I have the time and dedication to do it, so don't worry about the other threads. If you'd let me illustrate it for you send me the first part of the script or the storyboard right away! I'm very anxious to start a project.
Here's a quick deviant art account I've set up that has unfortunately only two examples of work
My email address is but I'll probably respond more quickly if you send me a message or post here
My AIM is kyocat83 if you want to try your luck to see if I'm online
Right sooooooo that's it!
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