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10 easy steps to making the dd awards
JustNoPoint at 6:43AM, June 26, 2010
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1. Announce awards are coming up in May Early June. Discuss the categories and get feedback.

2. Ask an admin to make a newspost about this.

3. Start the DD awards Design contest early. (earlier than I did this year for sure)
The award should be ready earlier so it can be put in banners and on the website.
For anything related to on site voting be sure to use an off site poll.

4. Open the website to build hype and allow ppl to favorite it early. I'm really bad behind on this one this year XD The site is up but I haven't made the announcement page. Will finish it once I get the winning award.

Late June or early July
5. Get the ballots ready. Start setting up voting forum

6. Open ballots for voting (2 and a half weeks or so)

7. After voting is finished start counting votes.

8. Assign presenters and judges to the categories. Announce finalists.

9. Start judging (lasts nearly the whole month) Be making winner banners and riding ppl to judge and to get their presentations in! Bring guns if applicable!!!

10. Announce winners and profit!

I may update this at random. I probably left out stuff I'll remember later on.

~One ballot per person.
~No voting for yourself.
~Drunkduck hosted (or mirrored) comics only.
~Comics must be actively updating or completed within the last year.
~You may enter a comic in more than one category.
~You don't have to fill out every category.
~You can come back and edit your votes later.
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Evil_Hare at 1:00PM, Oct. 20, 2010
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crap did I miss it again? :P
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