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2 Much Lawz 4 Ballon Boy & Beyond
lothar at 6:55AM, Oct. 23, 2009
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you know this story about the kid that went up in the silver spaship , but it was realy a tinfoil ballon or something and then it turned out that the kid was hiding in a box in the atick ? so then the police and media was chasing the ballon and they went for 2 hours chasing the ballon and then they realized that the boy was not even on the ballon , and i guess the ballon just floated away or something , maybe they shot it down.
so after thats all over the family goes on larry king and the little boy is all like “ yea we did it for a show” and larry king is all like “ whut!” so now the media is all set to crucifie him for making fools out of them and the police dept is ready to rain hell down on him in the form of multiple felony counts and charge the family for the wild goose chase they went on prolly cuz they are broke cuz the goverment is bankrupt .
anyway ,, Does anybody else think this reaction is a little extreem or is it justified to sacrifice this idiot family to apease the veiwers at home for wasting their valuable time that could be better spent watching reruns of CSI miami ????

so my question is basically ; it seems like American media is descending more and more into a sort of viscious culture of public spectacle , of humiliation and destruction of the weak and or stupid. whats the deal with that ? i dont think this would have been such a huge thing if the same thing happened ten years ago . am i wrong ?

so what do you think about this particular case or things like this in general
is it justified in the name of personal responsibility ?
is it going way overboard to the point of ruining a family to make an example ?
or something else ?
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imshard at 7:59AM, Oct. 23, 2009
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What exactly are you asking about here?
Social decay?
Crime and Punishment?
Personal accountability?

Using public emergency resources for a publicity stunt is dangerous and irresponsible not to mention morally reprehensible.

Should the family be nailed to the wall or given the death sentence? no, but it was a bad thing to do and they should be penalized proportionate to their actions. The cops, ambulances, firetrucks, and helicopters and whose knows what else were pulled away from legitimate calls for help. Call it social Darwinism, but stupid and irresponsible behavior should be discouraged where it affects others. Its not picking on them its the regular response, coupled undue with media coverage.

Ten years ago? The media has always loved this level of dreck and thrown it onto the airwaves. Its just an evolution of the kid who didn't fall down a well or the manhunt for the runaway that turned out to have been picked up by his grandma. I even remember a case where a kid in juvie was placed in the wrong cell one night and it took three days and a media spectacle to straighten out a routine mistake. This is just all a pop piece that will be forgotten soon and replaced by another, this kind of thing is not new. These things happen all the time its just a matter of what crap the reporters decide to splat on the screen that week, and whether the news director at the network office decides to pick it up and run with it. In fact the only reason this thing has gotten out of hand instead of being handled normally is because of the public attention, doing exactly what these clowns wanted. In this instance it could be said that the networks put it on in the first place since it was for a show.
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elektro at 10:06AM, Oct. 23, 2009
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This is something I have known for more than ten years, and even as a child I knew that the media only cares about a spectacle like the world was a three ring circus. I stopped watching the news a long time ago because of that.

That said, I think that this family using search and rescue crew to basically plug for a reality show is stupid and insulting to real missing people and real people in danger. Too much time has been spent with these morons that I want to spit.
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SpANG at 2:39PM, Oct. 23, 2009
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Eight years ago I was watching a show called “Fear Factor” and a woman decided to eat a 12 inch horse rectum in hopes of winning $10,000.


We should be thankful there aren't more of these even more reprehensible.

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Ronson at 8:17AM, Oct. 24, 2009
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Another cost to the balloon boy saga:

Wheat Crop may have been destroyed by rescuers

If this story is true, it will take the owners of that wheat field 2 years to grow a new crop. Either the taxpayer or the balloon family will have to pay for it.

As far as the media goes, a story like this is cheap to make. Tense anchors describing live scenes … no investigations, no politically muddy points of view … and even when the whole thing turns out to be a hoax and the media is made to look foolish, that's just more cheap news for the media system.

There is good reporting going on in the news industry, but it's few and far between. Mostly it's being done in local papers by people who nobody has ever heard of, and in some of the more professionally run blogs by people who just care about the truth.

But television media is the worst. They like pictures and spectacle. Without them, it isn't something that will keep people watching. But show a police chase, a rogue balloon, a raging fire or a street riot, and people get sucked in every time.

We should really attempt to keep our news and our entertainment separate, but we all have a natural tendency to react to emotional images, or impassioned anecdotal stories. A newspaper or tv news station that tried to only report factual information in an even and balanced manner would be lost in the maelstrom of talking heads and passion plays on the other stations…and can any of us honestly and truly say we would watch it?

How many here watch the Lehrer News Hour, which is the closest thing to real news available on telivision these days?
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lothar at 9:53AM, Oct. 24, 2009
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A newspaper or tv news station that tried to only report factual information in an even and balanced manner would be lost in the maelstrom of talking heads and passion plays on the other stations…and can any of us honestly and truly say we would watch it?

How many here watch the Lehrer News Hour, which is the closest thing to real news available on telivision these days?
well .. if i were in the states i would prolly watch it ,when i was there i always tried to watch bbc world as they tended to talk about more relevant things.
i tend to get most of my news from progressive websites , wich are also slanted in their own way , but i cant take anything i read on cnn or other msm newsites seriously
i guess i actually don't know all the details about this ballon thing , it just seemed at first that they were realy sticking it to this family, but maybe they deserve it for being so retarded .
anyway it's prolly just a fog machine to obscure something that is actually important news, as usual
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lefarce at 2:43PM, Oct. 24, 2009
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I think the dad should serve a little time, if only to give his family a bit of freedom from his conspiracy theory driven ego. I mean we have a guy here who is a non-ironic Kyupol, thinking that reptiles have invaded every aspect of society, and that the world will be eaten by the sun in 2012. Let me just shove my half asian son up in some rafters and let this balloon go putz around in order to further the Heene Family fame B)

Fuck this guy, he needs to be behind three brick walls and a couple bars for a while. Maybe his wife too. I can't tell if she's just a moron, as ego driven as he is, or another victim of Mr.Heene's wild fantasies.

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lothar at 10:29PM, Oct. 24, 2009
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i didnt know this guy was a reptoid enthusiast . i dont understand why he didnt use the balloon to expose the reptiles evil plan for world dominion. he could of got the media focused on the balloon and then used a remote control button to release a giant banner expaining all the plots of reptiles and the illuminati, maybe drop some scriptures too
what a wasted oportunity
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PhilWrede at 12:39PM, Oct. 28, 2009
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It strikes me that 24 hour news networks are dangerous, because rather than reporting news, they have to create stuff to fill air time. I honestly think they're getting out of control and giving way too much exposure to stuff that gets ratings, rather than (again) reporting on things that truly matter. Balloon boy (Colorado represent! …sigh) is just another in an ever-growing line of examples…
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