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2010 Eurovision Song Contest.
Product Placement at 2:31PM, May 15, 2010
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Yub. It's time for that again.

Last year, like every year, the Europeans gathered around, donning colorful clothes and singing their lungs off as background artist perform splits and other fanciful choreographs. It is what we call the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year, there are 39 nations competing for the grand prise of being able to show off how talented they are, along with the responsibility of hosting the next years competition. It will be split into 2 semifinals, featuring 17 songs each, where the top 10 will move on to the finals.

The first semifinals will be aired on the 25th and will feature these songs:

The second part will be on the 27th and these are the countries duking it out over at that time:

Then on the 29th the finals will take place where the 20 qualifiers will join the “Big five” (the 4 biggest contributers to the competition (UK, Germany, France and Spain) and the last years winner (Norway)).

I'm gonna digest these songs for a bit before I make any predictions but I welcome anyone to make their own opinion on them. Who do you think will win? Live in a country that's participating? If so, what do you think about your chances?
Those were my two cents.
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Dark Pascual at 9:17AM, May 17, 2010
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Have to admit that the only time that I payed any attention to the Eurovision Contest was when Lordi won…
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HippieVan at 9:55AM, May 19, 2010
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What…am I crazy, or are all of the songs really bad?
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Faliat at 2:28PM, June 3, 2010
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Germany's win made me near boke.

My family was so sure France would win with it's catchy and easy to remember lyrics despite being in a different language, like what almost got Ukraine in in ‘07, or Greece would win with it’s epic stage performance… Like Ukraine actually did in ‘04.

Yeah. We’re pretty much Eurovision nuts. It's also been one of my many dreams that probably won't happen that I represent the UK at some point in the near future.

It's actually VERY unlikely that will happen since we're really bad at making a selection formula and sticking to it. A few years ago we had minor musical celebrities enter, then we started selecting nobodies, then we made a reality TV show in the style of X Factor combined with Andrew Lloyd Webber begging country leaders to get their public to vote for the UK…

It's pretty obvious how well that's worked out. Not a single win since ‘97 from one of if not the biggest musical superpower on the planet.

Can’t be just pay Robbie Williams and be done with it? Russia used TATU for christ's sake!

Call that jumped up metal rod a knife?
Watch mine go straight through a kevlar table, and if it dunt do the same to a certain gaixan's skull in my immediate vicinity after, I GET A F*****G REFUND! BUKKO, AH?!

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ozoneocean at 6:04PM, June 3, 2010
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TATU were crap when they hit Eurovision. Nothing but a gimick.
Robbie Williams is… Well my Grandfather used to call him a bum with teeth (bum as in bottom). Not much more needs to be said.

Ya, Euro music is shite. -_-
I think the problem is that the audience for that sort of thing (who take it seriously and actually votes) are mostly families, grandmothers and dorks… their taste in music and performers is just not very good. So Eurovision reflects that.
-Also X-factor or any similar TV shit.
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Faliat at 12:22PM, June 5, 2010
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Sure, people don't take it seriously…
Until they end up at the bottom or near bottom of the list or don't win for over a decade. THEN they start taking notice.

Besides, hosting Eurovision is better than hosting the Olympics.
Look at the London 2012 logo and mascots! You don't GET that bullshit with Eurovision. Everything is simpler and quicker. You win the contest, you have a year to get ready to host it.

I like seeing people sing and perform badly as much as I like seeing people perform and sing brilliantly.
There's also the occasional little gem of a track that you otherwise wouldn't see anywhere on or hear on the radio at any other itme of the year.

And then there's the interval acts:

You can say whatever you want about it being for families and grannies, but my family isn't exactly “conventional”. Hell, my mum's mum listened to ACDC!

Eurovision is about coming together as a continent and enjoying ourselves. As was perfectly demonstrated by the 2010 interval act.
How many others can say they can do that without causing a war or killing everyone not wearing protective clothing with the cold?

Yes, I'm looking at you, Antarctica!

Call that jumped up metal rod a knife?
Watch mine go straight through a kevlar table, and if it dunt do the same to a certain gaixan's skull in my immediate vicinity after, I GET A F*****G REFUND! BUKKO, AH?!

- Rekkiy (NerveWire)
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