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A "What if" Interview between Nancy Grace, and Deadp
Spideytheking at 9:19AM, Jan. 26, 2010
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Just thought this would be funny, and intresting not ment to be serious, feed back, and crit is welcome

Nancy Grace interview Deadpool

Deadpool, and Nancy are sitting from across from each other Nancy Grace is holding a clipboard.

Nancy Grace: “Hello in this special I'm here with Deadpool, or as some say the Merc with a Mouth. How are you feeling deadpool?”

Deadpool: “I'm feeling good Natalie, hey where's Robin Robins the black chick?”

Nancy: “It's Nancy, and well… she works or fox this is MSNBC.”

Deadpool: “Um, Nicky did you come here to brag about how many letters your channel name has or interview the famous deadpool?”

Nancy: “It's Nancy, but lets just jump right in shall we why do they call you Deadpool?”

Deadpool crosses one leg over the other, and puts in hands in his lap.

Deadpool: “Well Nia if I told you I would have to kill you.”

Nancy: I…well…“

Deadpool begins laughing, and so does Nancy uncomfortably.

Deadpool: ”I'm serious.“

Awkward Silence for Nancy.

Nancy: ”Well lets just move one. Is it true you–“

Deadpool(Interruption): ”Chimichanga!“

Nancy: ”….“

Nancy: ”Right well how do you feel when people say you are just a messed up remake of the Mutant Wolverine?“

Deadpool: ”How do you feel when people call you a loud mouth cow who only got her own show because she screwed her producer!?“

Nancy looks shocked.

Deadpool: ”Listen Nora.“

Nancy(interrupts): ”Nancy.“

Deadpool: ” Natasha, I really don't care, because I can kick the crap out of Wolverine, and his entourage of the XYZ-Men by myself. So they can say what they want I'm the sh!t I should walk around with pampers on me okay.“

Nancy: ”Well quite confident, where do you get this confidence from.“

Deadpool pulls out a gun.

Deadpool: ”This.“

Nancy tries to ignore the gun.

Nancy: ”People say that you are horribly disfigured under your mask.“

Deadpool: ”Well Nanice I wouldn't say HORRIBLY disfigured. It looks no worse than yours in the morning.“

Nancy: ”ITS NANCY!!“ But anyways is it true you miss Cable”

Deadpool: “Only when it rains I switched to satellite next question .”

Nancy: “Are you really mentally insane?”

Deadpool: “Yeah her tits are big shh shut up voices in my head. I'm in a interview…I'm sorry what were you saying Nicky .”

Nancy, is astonished by deadpool's annoyingness and craziness.

Deadpool burps

Deadpool: “I'm sorry Nora.”


Deadpool: ”Wow and I thought spider man was conceded, I've never met anyone who bragged about their name.“

Nancy Grace gets up and walks away in an angry rage.

Nancy: ”ARRGH!!!“ Get him out of here!! I can't deal with this idiot!”

Deadpool: “Byeee Nora!”

Deadpool: “Note to self: kill that conceded b!itch, and her children before the wolverine origins movie comes out.”

Deadpool jumps out the nearest window

Invader zim vs Grr = FUUN MUHAHAHAHAHAH Im tired of hearing about the damn shamwow or am I o.0 who will know Grr will thats who Evil is ocra and oprah or am I just them in a alternate universe only a god knows unless Im him too
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