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Insane Angelic at 12:53PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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I tried to make a banner of mine clickable so that when the people wants to see my webcomic, they can click on the banner to see it. The place: At my signature, like everone else!

But sadly, I'm stupid at the comupter, so it failed each time.
Please, explain to me how i can do that! Thanks in advance!
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PIT_FACE at 5:38AM, Aug. 7, 2007
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yeah, i'd like to know this too, someone please enlighten…
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silentkitty at 7:08AM, Aug. 7, 2007
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It's {url=your comic url}{img}your banner image{/img}{/url}

Replace the squiggly brackets with square ones.
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SomaX at 10:26AM, Aug. 8, 2007
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An easier way, would be to quote this. Above is my clickable banner. When you quote it, just change the link to your url, and the image to whatever you're using. Then, copy and paste into your signature.
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