A few notes on Round TWO
Zwuh at 10:18AM, Sept. 19, 2006
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Well Round ONE was certainly a mixed bag of fights, forfeits, dropouts and destruction. As it has drawn to a close, I thought I'd write up a few notes for everyone before the next round begins:

- First, I know Round ONE had a lot of delays. Like, A LOT. And that was cool enough, its a time for settling in and I was willing to be lenient. However in Round TWO things will be a touch more strict. The three day deadlines will be pretty rigidly enforced and if you disappear without leaving a decent reason you'll probably be kerdumped.

- Also, no substitutes from now on. It was okay in the first round but its hardly fair to those who already fought and lost to let other people skip early rounds entirely. There's always FS#2.

- Please, please, PLEASE consider your voting. Remember that you're supposed to vote on the person who you think did the best job (drawing the) fighting, not who you think has cool hair or neat-sounding powers. Of course people can vote for whatever reasons they like…

- More support! I see a lot of people saying they're going to make them but not much actually coming up. And now that half the field are eliminated it should be a great oppurtunity for people. Character interaction! There are over 20 characters already wandering around FS and barely any of them have met each other.

- Lastly, a note on intro pages for round two. You can put anything but fighting in them, and its a good chance to show either backstory or character interaction.

Good luck in Round TWO everyone!
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Zwuh at 6:49PM, Sept. 19, 2006
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The arenas are BACKDROP. :roll:
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Vixus at 11:02AM, Nov. 29, 2006
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If the next FS begins on or after the 15th of December then I - yes I, the one who hasn't ever demonstrated any drawing skill whatsoever - will join in. Before that I have exams! :D
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