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A Few things, when starting.
bbr at 4:17AM, Nov. 2, 2007
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How does one add an easy comments box. like these guys have.
How does one display all comments (as above)

Text bubbles, and font.
Is there a good n simple way to add these. and what is a generally accepted “easy to read” comic font?
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bongotezz at 6:57AM, Nov. 2, 2007
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you'll need to use the comments and comment_form tags in your page setup. see this link for details.

the default page already has them.

not exactly sure what you mean by text bubbles and font. for your comic? if so use whatever picture editing software you're using for the comic you're making. ex. photoshop, mspaint, illustrator, ect. you'll have to experiment with the fonts to find one you like and make it readable.
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bbr at 7:42AM, Nov. 2, 2007
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Cool much apreciated.
RSS button works, but comments box refuses to show up… weird.

edit: seems when you turn the homepage on, it hides the comments box, shows the blog. and shows some favourites, chapters etc.
if you disable homepage, it shows the comments box i was looking for.
It there any way to have them both active perhaps?
i'm guessing disable homepage and look for the menu tags.
Edit2 : didnt work either… seems some tags are simply not supported when 1 or the other mode is active… hrrrmmm..
explained : as expected…. hm, what to do, how to fix…

As for the bubbles, i recall seeing a windows tool that allowed you to import a PNG (comic) which then assisted you in placing speech bubbles.
been 2 years at least since i saw it… can't remember the name i fear.

It was quite a nice tool.

Edit3 : Got the comments box n all working now.
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bbr at 12:11AM, Nov. 9, 2007
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Found it :
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