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A Full Script Question
Ninja Krow at 6:30AM, Aug. 22, 2007
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First I'm not much of an Artist freehand or Mouse/Tablet, Well not a 2D Artist that is. Me, I'm more of a 3D Mesh sort of guy. but I'm also a writer, and lately I've been working on converting two of my own short stories and one of my longer Novel concepts into Comic Book Full Script format.

But on One of my stories, I've ran into a little snag.

The character him self has a second voice. One that speak to him and is a seprate character thats always there but not always seen.

I really want This second voice to come out in the panels, but I really don't want it to be a Think Bubble. More like a Dialog bubble, with no actual source. I've seen them done before, but how do I write it in text so that a comic book artist can tell this is a character that not always visable. in fact 90% of the time invisable.

I honestly don't what the character to carry out arguments with a think bubble. I feel that might get really confusing as to what is happening to the character.

This character is a totally sentient being. with it own name and it own personality. As is very much at war with the character he resides inside of.

I know it's weird. But inorder for the story to work it must be. it's a key element to it.

One last thing, a side bar of sorts.

If, I finish one of these and post like the first two pages to try and find an artist willing to bring my story to life, Where would I post it? I been looking and can't really determin a logical place for that sort of thing. I think MrRiot would be an exilent canidate for one of my Stories, but I think he way to buisy with his "The Path" project to be bothered with a rookies Comic Story idea.

I honestly feel there shold be a place clearly ment for Comic Script Writers to post a couple of pages and asking artist with enough freetime to team up with and Colab with.

That just my two cents at least.
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BlkKnight at 6:01PM, Aug. 22, 2007
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I'd suggest using a regular speech bubble (probably without a source), but with either a different font or color to show the distinction between the two voices. It's the easiest way to talk to something that isn't necessarily there I've seen.
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mlai at 9:05PM, Aug. 22, 2007
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Usually a different word balloon is used to show an unseen/supernatural/eerie speaker. The balloon can be black with white text… the balloon can have jagged borders… the text itself can be spooky text…

As for artists… Good luck. It's hard to fish for one, but I've seen some writers here have several artists under their wing, so it's possible. I have NO idea how they did it.

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arteestx at 9:27PM, Aug. 22, 2007
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Without knowing specifics of the story, I too would think about different fonts for sure. Is it possible to create a ghost-like doppleganger of the character to whom he speaks? Sort of like when Stephen Colbert argues with himself in a “Formidable Opponent” sketch. Or like talking to an angel on your shoulder, only making that angel full-size, transparent/translucent, and making it look exactly like the character with a couple of changes to show that it's a different side of the character's personality? Or even a floating head, again looking almost exactly like the character but with a couple of tweaks to show a different aspect of personality? Just a few ideas to throw out for you to bounce around….

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Ninja Krow at 1:41AM, Aug. 27, 2007
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@BlkKnight: Well yeah! that what I asked, But how would you write it in Comic Full script.

Like Example:

My own script
EVEN (Discon/WHT on BLK/Scary font): You know we're gonna die here!
SETH : Shut up…
EVEN (Discon/WHT on BLK/Scary font): You and me buddie… We're so toast!
EVEN (Discon/WHT on BLK/Scary font): Thats a shame too, I really like being us…


As you see, SETH carries out an entire conversation with himself. Even is him… Even sometime come out to play as well.

The question is how to write this so the Artist understand what I'm going for with out totally using too much realistate in written word? I've put the part in question into Italics to ID just what I'm asking about.

@mlai: Yeah I know… That what I was asking… how to write it so the artist understand what I going for. and I agree, A dirrent font is needed for sure… something with a kinda gruff or scary tone to it.

@arteestx: Yep, saw you do something liek i want to. Diffrent color in the bubble and what not.

EVEN and SETH are the Same being. Seth is the Actual Personality, EVEN is his inner self. fractured mind and all that BS. In high stress situations… Even talks alot of smack. and even try to run the both of them off the road at one point.

Every now and again EVEN will actully visably manifest himself to Seth. taking on the form of a twisted and mangled composit of him self and all the terrible stuff he's seeing along the way. with pure black oculare orbs. in all rational respects. EVEN is triggered as a coping mech to keep Seth alive. Not sane, Seth is very much crazy, but alive is as good as it gets in this world.

Anyways. I hope that helps. Just wanna slip down that big block of text:

(Discon/WHT on BLK/Scary font)

Here Maybe this will help…

Don't mind the Bad/lazy Art work here. It's only an example what I want the artist to achive by reading my script. This is based 100% on the dialog in the Quote above…

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