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A Humble Children Song that Claimed No. 1 Spot in China
Eunice P at 6:02AM, Dec. 25, 2007
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This Mongolian song was written 11 years ago by a Mongolian father as a gift for his 3-year-old daughter's birthday. 11 years later, when this song was first sung on China TV in year 2005, it became an instant hit. It was the best selling song that hit the number 1 spot in the China's top music industry for several months. It has become so popular that it reaches throughout all of East Asia and some parts of South East Asia. In 2006, it became the most downloaded ringtones music and even after 2 years have passed, this music is still heard throughout China and other parts of Asia.

Here is the translated lyric.

Girl: Papa, what does the sun, the moon and the stars represent?
Father: They are the 3 treasures
Girl: Mama, what does the leaves, the flowers and the fruits represent?
Mother: They are the 3 treasures
Girl: Then what does papa, mama and I represent?
Father: We are the 3 treasures
All: 3 treasures that stay auspicious forever.

The 3 treasures actually represent a loving family that cherish the moments together.

This is the clip of the early performance of the 3 singers:

The same performance of the 3 singers 2 years later:
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