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A question concerning pixel size of pages submitted.
meemjar at 9:29AM, Feb. 6, 2009
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I will soon be ready to submit my comic. But heres a question concerning me.
If I submit a page that is too big pixel-wise will it show up so big you can barely see a corner of it? Or if too small it can be barely made out?

Or will you take the page and format it to fit the screen?
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skoolmunkee at 10:18AM, Feb. 6, 2009
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Drunk duck does not automatically resize the images - the size you upload it as, is the size it will display.

Most people keep their comics no wider than 800px and no taller than 900px, whichever is the ‘limiter’… so a comic that is taller than it is wide would be 900px tall and say, 650px wide… while a horizontal comic could be 800px wide but only 350px tall.

You don't want your readers to have to scroll the page much (and definitely not sideways) to read the comic.
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