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A Shifting of Gears
Evil_Hare at 7:40PM, Jan. 30, 2011
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Well, folks, I finally set up my own stand-alone site, and while I will continue to update once a week here on DD, I probably won't be around much, with the exception of a guest appearance in some other folks' comics here and there.

But there is good news! JTEH has been doing quite well, winning the Weekly Rumble on WeVolt and getting over 40k hits so far for January 2011… far more than in its entire run on DD. The main site for Jake will update M-W-F, so there will be lots more Jake to come!

Jake's new home:

In other news, I've also been asked to do a Sunday comic for a major website, so things are looking up in a very good way.

I'll try to pop in at least once or twice a week, as there are a lot of cool comics and people here.


Don't jack a rabbit. He might be an evil hare.

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Adariel at 4:08AM, Jan. 31, 2011
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Hey, moving up i see. Well, i wish you all the luck and a big congratulations! with all the nice developments that you have. I'm kinda envious :cry2:
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Evil_Hare at 4:03PM, Feb. 2, 2011
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Thanks! :) If you wanna link exchange, lemme know. :)
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