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About the hitcounter on comics
bloodstaindstoat at 10:04PM, Jan. 8, 2007
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Does it only update after every ten hits or something? I just thought it sort of odd that it was ten the first couple times I checked it, then twenty, then thirty.
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Terminal at 10:29PM, Jan. 8, 2007
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It rounds to ten, so yeah. That's pretty much right.
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ProfessorF at 10:31PM, Jan. 8, 2007
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that was one of the questions I had about pageviews.. the other is, does it “estimate” or anything like that? And, if it does, can an author still feel assured that the number is a pretty close estimate to how many pagviews a comic actually received?
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acadia at 6:56AM, Jan. 11, 2007
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I've had a few questions about that myself. So it's rather a accurate measurement? I've had a sneaking suspicion that it multiplies by 10 to get the number listed in the Pageviews. I guess I'm wrong (i figured ‘theres no way i couldve gotten 210 pageviews’ you know?).

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Krensada at 6:30AM, Jan. 15, 2007
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Im pretty sure that It rounds up to every ten. SO if you have 236 pageveiws it'll show 240.
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Mystic Hand at 12:39PM, Jan. 19, 2007
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That logs the total number of hits from all pages, right? It's not one per person accessing the comic in general (because that would be surprising huge).
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Rydel6 at 8:28AM, Jan. 24, 2007
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Are the pageview totals counting only once for a person per day no matter how many times they access the comic, or can someone just keep hitting reload to drive their total up? Or could I go through my archive and get a pageview count for every page I look at? I'm only asking because recently I had a huge surge in the number of views and I thought it was a little odd.

I was giddy, but I wanted to make sure >.<;.

I mean, I also got alot of comments, but an answer here would clear my doubts up.

And if it is true, how do you find the people that abuse this? I read on the Wikipedia that the most popular list is derived from individual comic traffic. I'm not accusing anyone of this or anything; just wondering how it all works.
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