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Adding a cast page(and other extras)
MagickLorelai at 12:33PM, March 16, 2006
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I'm still almost entirely new to webpage *anything*, and would like some help with this. I've seen references on this forum to adding something like a cast page(or otherwise). How can I do this? Please give precise steps, because in webpage terms, I am a complete novice.

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Terminal at 3:46PM, March 16, 2006
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Well, first you need the HTML files, the ones you already coded and written out, after that all you need to do is.

go to your My Controls!

Click on your comic name. And you'll end up here, Click on Manage EXTRA Files


The files will appear below linked.

Or are you asking how to make the HTML files?

.: Myxomatosis :.
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MagickLorelai at 1:20AM, March 17, 2006
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Actually, this does answer my question quite well, though I will still have problems with HTML. Oh well, everything so far has been a crash-course with HTML, and I have a reference page. I should be able to make the HTML coding out, and if I can't, I'll ask again in Code help.

Thank you so much, now I know(somewhat) what I'm doing. ^_^ I'd give ya a hug, if it weren't for the whole computer thing. …and the awkwardness of hugging a complete stranger.

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