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Adobe Problems
Tempest_Lavalle at 4:47PM, Oct. 17, 2009
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I just recently had a problem with the licensing for my Adobe CS3 programs. The little box suggested I uninstall it, and reinstall to fix this. So I tried it. However, once CS3 began to install, it suddenly had errors installing EVERYTHING except adobe reader. I tried uninstalling again, restarting, even messing with the firewalls and such on my computer. Still no dice. So I gave up.

Now, I have CS4, thinking that this would install fine, AND IT DID THE SAME EXACT THING. I'm at my wits end. I need many of the programs from adobe not just for my comics, but for my school projects as well (Soundbooth, Premiere, After Effects, etc.). I'm not sure if it's because both versions were cracked versions I got from professors at my school, however most of my friends used the same disks to install them onto their computers with not problem.

If anyone has any advice or a way to fix this, I would be ETERNALLY grateful!
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BlkKnight at 5:52PM, Oct. 17, 2009
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Sounds like there's still junk in the registry that needs to be cleaned out. Check the Adobe site for anything that could clear it out or find some registry cleaning programs (CCleaner and Regclean are a start). I'm assuming this is on Windows.
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lothar at 7:21AM, Oct. 19, 2009
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adobe Cs3 sucks , i cant even get it to run on my system ! i still use PS6 , works fine
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ShadowsMyst at 3:48PM, Oct. 28, 2009
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If they are cracked versions, that could be your problem. It sounds like you got ‘caught’. If Adobe has flagged the serial number that the old one used (and yes, adobe programs are little tattletails that run home to mommy and check in every time you run the program and happen to be connected to the internet.), it may have put an invisible file somewhere to bugger and prevent installation of anything except the one free bit of software they provide. They do crack down on hacked copies occasionally, and this is usually what happens.

So you have a couple of choices. One, obviously, is to go and get and acquire a legit version of the program, there are educational packages for students that aren't too expensive (comparatively) for around 299$ for photoshop, or 599$ for a bundle that has all the programs you need. The other option is to become a more savvy pirate and learn how to get around adobe's safeguards. That's a little dangerous in its own right, but those are really your options unless you want or can switch to free options like GIMP or Sai for drawing.

But since this is not a cracking/hacking site, I don't think you are going to get much help in that vein, indeed if the thread doesn't get locked for it.

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