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Adventures in Retail/Customer Service
Croi Dhubh at 12:30PM, Dec. 19, 2007
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OMG!!!! sounds like you worked at Bath and Body Works!
I'm so sorry lol.
Bath and Body Works? Do you have anything I can give to my girlfriend to give her that “new girlfriend smell”?

Well, let's see what I've got to say

When I was 16, I used to work for a video rental place. One day, this woman comes in (Round about 20) and goes over to the adult section. She comes back with a DVD and asks to buy it, not rent. I told her it was only available to rent, not buy. She says no, she has to buy it before her dad or uncle comes in and sees it. I told her it was against company policy and she storms out in a huff. I checked the cover before I put it back and lo and behold, she was on the front, pouring whipped cream over her bare breasts and playing with herself under a red g-string. Next day, I'm on vaccuum duty and the air-con has broken, so I got the fan going near me. The same woman walks past me and then, of all things to happen, the fan blows up her dress and we discover she was trying to steal the DVD by hiding it under her dress. And before anyone asks, no she was not wearing underwear.
Is it wrong to be somewhat jealous?
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