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DARKNES at 9:00AM, June 26, 2009
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WHat do you guys think of the thought of an afterlife?
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Hawk at 9:03AM, June 26, 2009
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What do you think?
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Hyena H_ll at 9:03AM, June 26, 2009
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I don't believe there is one, on a metaphysical level. I figure we live, we die, and we become worm food.

I think people live on in the minds and memories of others, and in what they leave behind them- how they made their mark in the world.
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DARKNES at 9:08AM, June 26, 2009
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I belive that we live our lives we die and then we are re born as a new person.
The same soul but a different host if you will.
Thats why I think people have phobias because of something in a past life.
I believe we are re-incarnated until we live one perfect life and then we go to the afterlife!
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Product Placement at 10:01AM, June 26, 2009
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I have two egos within myself battling this theory out.

The scientist within me believes that our conciseness is nothing more than the result of biological progress of our brain. Like a living computer we achieve awareness as it deciphers the data it receives from our sensory devices like the eyes, ears, taste buds, nose and skin. Once it fails our existence will simply cease to exist. Obviously, I find this to be a terribly depressing thought.

Thus enters my spiritual ego. This side of me argues that there is an existence of something higher. A spirit. A soul even. Something that transcends us from being mere data collecting devices with the only purpose of providing nourishment for our oversized brain and programmed for procreation to a being with feelings, emotion and a complex appreciation for art and beauty. Where I live, the majority of people believes in spirits and people who live beyond our zone of perception. Some are said to have the powers to see into those planes and contact these spirits. My family is supposed to have that gift. My mother has it, one of my sisters claims to have it and people say that I have it a well. This goes completely against what the scientist in me believes but I have to admit that I've seen things that I can't quite explain. This prompts me to believe that perhaps there might be a some sort of afterlife but it's no paradise with fluffy clouds and naked children with wings, fluttering about. Instead the popular believe is that we remain as an echo of what we once were. We exist to protect those we cared for in life and will do so until they join us in death.
Those were my two cents.
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ozoneocean at 10:30AM, June 26, 2009
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Hyena H_ll
I think people live on in the minds and memories of others
I think this aspect is more important than a lot of people realise.

When we interact with other individuals we tend to construct mental simulacra of them in our minds, based on what they look like, do and say, on a base of ourselves in the form of “how would I behave in that situation?”. We don't consciously do that, it just happens that way- since we live in a 100% subjective universe witnessed only from our own narrow perspective, other individuals can't really exist for us as truly independent entities, even if objectively we naturally know that they do.

It's like vision, touch, sound etc. really- you think that you're seeing and experiencing the world around you in real time, but you're not. All that stimuli is experienced crudely by different senses at various speeds and then routed all the way back to to the brain which then assembles that into our personal construction of reality for us.

I was listening to the theories of a psychiatrist who'd done some study and serious thinking about dreams, He came to the conclusion that some of the characters we interact with in dreams are not the boneless shadowpuppets we traditionally think of them, but separate entities. -not invading spirits or anything like that, but the same sort of simulacra we use to interact with real people in our daily lives.

So if you think about it that way, others always live on, depending on how much of an impression they made on you.
-although it's not purely them, of course because it has a mixture of you in it, and it's only “them” as you saw them. But the point is that's the only way you COULD see them, so they live on in your mind exactly as real as they were when alive. -minus the ongoing stimuli provided by the real person which is irrelevant in that it didn't make the simulacra more real, it only changed it.
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Chernobog at 2:07PM, June 26, 2009
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Whatever happens, happens. I'm not saying that to be standoffish, it's just how I feel. All the same, I think there is some form of it though. Or more truly, several kinds. I can see how a some ‘ultimate rewards’ would not appeal to some people in the least. I know I wouldn't want to be constrained in someone else's idea of paradise if it was anathema to me and especially assuming I wasn't there for some need for punishment. I like to imagine an afterlife being a bit more custom tailored to a person's beliefs/interests or perhaps akin to linking islands of existence.

Of course, if I'm just worm food in the end, oh well-? I won't necessarily be in existence anymore to know the difference.
“You tell yourself to just
enjoy the process,” he added. “That whether you succeed or fail, win or
lose, it will be fine. You pretend to be Zen. You adopt detachment, and
ironic humor, while secretly praying for a miracle.”
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Dave7 at 7:15PM, June 26, 2009
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I actually tend to look at the idea of an afterlife with a combination of science and metaphysics.
The way I see it, the types of molecules that make up the human body (i.e. carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) also make up the bodies of other organisms (plants, animals, bacteria), not to mention totally inanimate objects. When you look at consciousness from a biological standpoint, the thought process- the data our minds process from the five senses- can be thought of as an arrangement of the different molecules in the human brain, and how this alters the molecules of our bodies as well.
In this sense, when our bodies decay and degrade, they're broken down into the different molecules and consumed by other organisms, which is sometimes incorporated into their bodies. In this sense, a person becomes incorporated- in a way becomes part of (or “becomes one,” if you want to go that far) with them.
In this process, the molecules that made up the neurons of a human brain (the conscioussnes or “soul,” ) can eventually become part of the brain (conscioussnes) of another organism.

So I suppose that this would qualify as some form of reincarnation?
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“That is not dead can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons death may die.”
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kyupol at 4:04PM, June 27, 2009
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the physical body dies.

But the soul travels on and reincarnates somewhere (either on this planet or on another planet/dimension. There are infinite possibilities in this universe) According to its level of spiritual evolution and the need for it to learn more lessons.

The hierarchy of beings are as follows (lowest to highest).
1) animals (these are further subdivided according to the size of their brains. Of course a dog is a higher animal than a fish and a fish is a higher animal than a bacteria)

2) sentient beings with short lifespans and have weak to no psychic abilities in general. (earth humans are in this category)

3) sentient beings with long lifespan, psychic abilities, etc. but have males and females. (I think these are the beings that came to Earth a long time ago and got mistaken for gods and goddesses)

4) beings with no gender but have a physical body.

5) beings with no gender and no physical body (unless they want one. They can replace their bodies like you change clothes). They cannot die unless you define “death” as vacating the physical body. They can “die” at will. These are what we call “angels” and “demons”. I think it is possible to reach this level after many lifetimes (perhaps hundreds or thousands?). Depending on your level of commitment to good or evil.

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lothar at 5:21PM, June 28, 2009
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wut if we ar all like made of the same energy and that energy is flowing through a sort of cosmic sponge that seperates us out into individual threads of variouse widths to make us feel like we are individuals but it is only a temporary thing and eventuallly we all flow bvack in and become the same giant rope again

i drew a picture of it

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Skullbie at 7:57PM, June 28, 2009
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I think we just die, as in a black nothingness no human arrogance theory of reincarnation or that there's some invisible land of clouds for good people and eternal fires for the bad. I don't believe in souls though, it's just your mind that is within your brain trying to give an expression to ‘i’m you'. Once your brain shuts down it's game over.

This is a very horrible thought at first, but then it's aw right and makes you a little more bolder thinking that you're not going to get a second chance as another person.(who everyone always imagines are much more attractive then they are in this life)
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hotcakes at 10:36AM, June 29, 2009
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All beings are made up of many non-biological components, or soulparts. These soulparts grow and multiply from conception. When the biological dies, these soulparts are freed and are pulled toward the outerbounds of the universe. Just beyond the observable universe is a sort of spacial “knot” which separates it from chaotic non-existence. Soulparts accumulate in this knot like a filter. Over time, this area of space has been developed and civilized into a sort of afterlife, if you like. All soulparts continue on here. There is some information exchange between the two realms–usually in dream or trance states, but soulparts which have passed beyond the threshold cannot wholly return.
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charlie_everyone at 11:31AM, June 29, 2009
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Schrodinger's cat man. If you can't know something without knowing it then all its possibilities exist simultaneously.

Everybody that has an opinion on the subject is 100% right. They are all also 100% wrong.

Being that the human experience is a subjective one, the universe itself becomes subjective to human observation. Seeing as our brains are so flawed in the way we process the world around us, and that our brains are so limited with the information that we can process… If we even tried to comprehend even just the sheer massiveness of our current plane of existence we would end up horribly failing and going insane. Yes the maths are that big (look that shiz up). We cannot possibly understand true objectivity and thus we will never have even a vague idea beyond blind faith what happens when we die as we cannot observe it now.

Meta physicist extraordinaire,
The Scarlet Robe

Read it.

Like right now.


You do it.
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theprettiestpony at 12:23PM, June 30, 2009
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dang charlie, that sounds like some pretty big maths.
i'm not the firmest believer in an afterlife where you get to be the person you were on earth, but maybe some kind of floaty, sponge-like existence seems appropriate. though i come from a family that believes in a christian afterlife, which i don't find exactly arrogant or anything. i feel they're about as right as me, but everyone has their own take on this thing due to how they perceive things and etc. also, if your body ceases to exist it doesn't mean you do necessarily, seeing as no one can account for how far reaching every act we do is. or, you could be dead and gone but an action you put into motion could still be producing other actions (an example might be having children, but there are also many less extreme ones).
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bravo1102 at 6:00AM, July 1, 2009
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Beyond our memories, beyond our thoughts, beyond the evidence of our senses there is a self that very few ever experience, but it is there. It is not an illusion because it not sensed but known.

That self transcends our body and when this body dies it returns to what is beyond our senses. With our consciousness tied to this world and seeing the world through our senses it is hard to know, but once we die, without our senses our identity is free to know because it is no longer tied to thoughts and senses.

Anything else is trapped within the assumption that you are what you think. And you are not. The world is also not what you experience with you senses, but what you know when you open your being to it.

Schrodinger's cat man. If you can't know something without knowing it then all its possibilities exist simultaneously.

You are aware that the thought experiment of that cat is slowly being disproven by quantum mechanics so it may not be true physically but only as an analogy and maybe not even then as you can know once you escape the shackles of your thoughts and just be.

Gotta love Tao.
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